30 Rock Review: "Plan B"

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Tracy Morgan is coming back soon, right? There is only so much longer that 30 Rock can stay strong without him. Last week, on "Queen of Jordan," it was done through gimmick. This week, on "Plan B," a multitude of guest stars saved the day.

Yes, there was the obvious call to bring back Will Arnett as our good friend Devon Banks, but it was two other appearances that worked even better.

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Ken Howard, who has been playing the head of Kabletown Hank Hooper, continues to be dynamite. The character's care free attitude, and inability to convey his anger because he's too gosh darn happy all the time, make him a joy to watch on screen.

And although it was only for one scene, Aaron Sorkin was once again fantastic playing himself. I learned to love this guy when he appeared on Entourage, and he didn't disappoint here as he walked Liz in a circle, knew how to win at Angry Birds, and yelled at Liz for using a second metaphor. The one part I didn't enjoy was the millionth joke about Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I liked that show!

As for our regulars, Jack's storyline worked much better than Liz. His inability to make his new gay television network succeed led to him to bring in Devon Banks from the cold of Brooklyn. Banks' new paternal lifestyle didn't help the network, but made Jack realize that he did enjoy being a dad in the end. Good stuff from both Will Arnett and Alec Baldwin.

Liz going crazy about TGS virtually getting canceled was less interesting. Liz acting frantic is never really that funny, and Kenneth being in on most of it only made it worse. The only highlight from this plot was Pete and how he compared himself to famous teachers of cinema.

I am all for fantastic guest stars until Tracy comes back full time, but that could be a difficult task. Until then, here are some of our favorite quotes from "Plan B."  As always, check out the rest of them at our 30 Rock quotes page. 

Tracy: I'm doing God's work here in Africa. Why just yesterday I kicked two naked people out of a garden. | permalink
Pete: Last time I tought I was like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society, by which I mean I got fired. | permalink
Jack: He's a gay shark, like the actor who played Jaws. | permalink
Aaron Sorkin: We make horse buggies; the first Model T just rolled into town.
Liz: We're dinosaurs.
Aaron Sorkin: We don't need two metaphors. That's bad writing, not that it matters. | permalink
Hank: Jack, we've been waiting almost an hour for this Banks fella. The only explanation I can think of is that he keeps stopping to perform good deeds. | permalink
Kenneth: How was substitute teaching sir?
Pete: Just like Lean On Me, in that a guy who looks like Morgan Freeman swung a bat at me. | permalink

Plan B Review

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I'm doing God's work here in Africa. Why just yesterday I kicked two naked people out of a garden.