90210 Spoilers: The Future of Max and Naomi

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As this preview for the return of 90210 makes clear, there's only one place Max is headed: into bed with Naomi.

But will the lovable dork stick around for the long run? That's what a reader asked Michael Ausiello this week, prompting an intriguing reply from the columnist: Given what goes down in the finale between the unlikely lovebirds I’d say there’s a very good chance we’ll be seeing a lot of Max in Season 4.

Major Smooch

What might this imply about events to come? A few guesses...

  • Naomi gets pregnant.
  • They get engaged.
  • Ryan abandons his son, Jen dies and Naomi/Max are left in charge of Jack.

Have any theories of your own? Let them fly in the Comments section and/or our 90210 forum.

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