America's Next Top Model Review: Welcome Sonia Dara, John Hancock

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Oh, the sad, depressing lives of famous people.  

On this week’s America’s Next Top Model, Tyra tries to teach the girls the important duties of being a celebrity, such as practicing autographs. After all, isn’t that the most difficult part of dealing with fame? Having the perfect signature? So glad Tyra is here.

Jonathan Mannion Shoot

The Challenge
This week’s challenge is truly the most confusing challenge to date on America’s Next Top Model. The girls, who aren’t famous or even models yet, are instructed to deal with their non-existent fans. I wonder if the fans are actors or people who are paid to act crazy? And autographs (because Tyra’s apparently obsessed with autographs) are also involved.

The challenge becomes more-than-mildly creepy when a male “fan” asks Monique for a kiss. She refuses him and pawns him off to Alexandria! It’s difficult to feel sorry for a creepy guy who insists on getting a kiss from a hot young girl, but it’s an incredibly awkward moment as Alexandria musters up her courage to peck him on the cheek.

Unfortunately, Alexandria is not lauded for her efforts; Miss Jay informs her that she probably led the poor man on and that this could turn into stalker territory! Monique is also criticized for having a bad attitude. Kasia gets a night out with Miss Jay for being bubbly and modest.

The Photoshoot
The girls are thrown into mud this week while being split into two teams: blondes and brunettes. This should be interesting. The girls actually look not fierce but a bit silly during the photoshoot, kind of like wrestling cavewomen, as Hannah puts it

To no one’s surprise, Alexandria attempts to take control of the shoot yet again. It does not look promising. Kasia is self-conscious in a bikini during the blondes’ shoot, while the brunettes’ outing really does look like a jungle shoot.

Judges Table
The guest judge is Sonia Dara, the first South Asian model to be featured in Sports Illustrated.  The photos are actually gorgeous; in fact, the brunette shot is breathtaking. The girls look earthy and sensual without being overly sexy, which the judges always love. The blonde photo is slightly less interesting, and almost more tame, although the judges love it regardless. 

Alexandria is not sent home or even in the bottom two for attempting to direct the shoot, which means she’ll continue her abhorrent behavior, of course.  Mikaela and Monique are in the bottom, with Monique being sent home. 

Do you agree with that choice?

Sonia Dara Review

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