Archer Round Table: "Movie Star"

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When a "Movie Star" pays a visit to ISIS, you can pretty much guarantee an amaaaaaaaaazing episode of Archer, and last night certainly lived up to expectations.

Without further delay, we present this week's Archer Round Table:

What was your favorite Archer quote from last night?  

Dr. Toboggan: Cheryl: "He wouldnt even sign my cast when I broke my own arm." In a show full of dysfunctional, narcissistic characters, Cheryl seems to stand out from the group and I think that's pretty impressive.

Mark F: Pam: "So what should we call it... Operation..." Crystal Cheryl: "Dick Sledge."

Eric H: Cheryl: Did you think it was meat?

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Rona Thorne: annoying or amaaaaazing?

Dr. Toboggan: Ammaaaaazing... Actually I found her sort of annoying but I love how her constant upbeat chipper attitude was completely overlooked because every character was so wrapped up in their own business that they completely ignored the giant movie star who acted like a 15 year old they were supposed to be training.

Mark F: Quite annoying with her "all empowering" crap. She did make fun of Lana's big steam shovelly hands but still very annoying. Even the teenager from the Alabama of Europe was less annoying and a much better character. Although, Rona did defeat Archer and Lana but I can't imagine the Russian movie scene is that great even if you do get to direct.

Eric H: Amaaaaazing. What other guest star could come on the show and coin her own catch phrase in less than 20 minutes? Plus, what part of highly classified do you not understand?

Grosser: deaf people or hooked-handed ones?

Dr. Toboggan: As a big Arrested Development fan I am going to say hook handed ones. No one wants to look at that, plus if they get better parking spots for either of those conditions that is completely unacceptable, and I know Archer agrees with me.

Mark F: Hooked-handed ones and girls who practice the Kelp tape method. Auto-deal breaker.

Eric H: I'm gonna get crazy here an agree with Cheryl. Deaf people do have that voice...

Mandingo 2: cast the role of the coal-black-and-thick-muscled-as-a-field-hand agent.

Dr. Toboggan: I think we are all in agreement it needs to be a white person in black face. Racist overtones aside, I think someone like the Rock, or whatever his name is these days has the acting ability to fit perfectly into Malory's sensual spy thriller.

Mark F: Wesley Snipes. Given his current tax situation I'm pretty sure he could look past any plot overtones and channel his Blade character to answer his own question of "You ready to roll with this" ... yeah, couldn't really get an Archer reference in there but hey, You're not my supervisor!

Eric H: Suckers. I knew you'd leave me the obvious choice: Conway Stern. He did say he'd be back... but who knew it'd be on the big screen!?

Archer and Lana failing a mission: fan or disappointed?

Dr. Toboggan: Perfect. Everyone failed in this episode especially operation Dick Sledge. And aside from Archer and Woodhouse, grouping Pam, Gillette and Cheryl together is my absolute favorite. They "compliment" each other so well that I was more impressed with how terrible their mission went than the main plot of Archer and Lana failing. It's also good to see that not every mission will be successful because of dumb luck, especially given how little Archer really does care about everything.

Finally, I think Mark and I are going to unionize and as the self appointed union leader I demand that at the end of the season TV Fanatic gets all three of us darker black tactical turtle necks.

Mark F: Kind of disappointed since I did think part of the comedy was that even through all their BSing around they were still able to complete missions. Also, I doubt anyone can say Archer "failed" his counter-sniper qualifications. Lana was just being difficult.

And, as newly appointed Vice President of the TV Fanatic Writers Union, I second the motion for slightly darker black tactical necks. Even Pam got one. Also, I motion that they be in the same cost as Archer describes when he first purchases them.

Eric H: As I said in my review, huge fan of the failed mission. It was actual a unique twist to the usual premise of Archer screws up by somehow skirts by and completes every mission.

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Archer Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Archer: I am qualified because I happen to be the world's greatest secret agent.
Rona: But you're a man.
Archer: And then some.

Lana: This isn't the Sheriff's department where you get wear a windbreak and go on a ride-along. This is highly classified cover ops.
Rona: Yes! Covert ops! This is exactly the kind of spy lingo I want to soak up.
Pam: What part of highly classified do you not understand?
Rona: All of it!