Being Human Review: Mmmmmm... Smells Like Dog

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Every week I come closer to losing my mind where Sally is concerned. I've tried to like her, given that she was killed and basically only has two friends to count on, but it's not working. There are so few moments when she's pleasant. Watching her scream over Josh's conversation with Nora at the hospital was like listening to nails on a chalkboard.

Not only was she overtly annoying during the majority of the episode, but she also gave Josh a lecture about lucky he is to be a normal guy, alive, four weeks out of every month. She actually went so far as to tell him she would kill to be like him. Until she witnessed first hand what Josh goes through every month. Finally, she realized that there are worse things than being a ghost.

Josh tries so hard to be human, but is so afraid of the wolf inside of him. I almost wonder if choosing Sam Huntington as Josh was the wrong decision.

Outside of the fact that he's a werewolf, I have a hard time understanding why he wasn't a popular guy with the girls before he turned. I believe he was engaged, but when Nora asked if a woman ever offered a tour of her apartment (meaning she wanted to show him the bedroom), he said no. Really? He's cute and funny and must have been living under a rock if the girls weren't chasing after him.

You can tell that Nora likes Josh, even if he can't see it himself. I loved when he growled while they were making out. It was a silly little thing, but it was kind of sexy, since as viewers we are in the know about what he is. The sex scene between them was downright hot, and I'm not one to normally condone quickies portrayed on television.

In some cases it cheapens the relationship, but there was just enough of animal in Josh to make the scene sensual more than sexual. Even with his werewolf confidence, I don't think he could do that with just anyone. It happened with Nora because of how he feels about her.

I feel a girly squeal rising in my throat when I think about what the future might hold for Nora and Josh because Nora so obviously likes how she is when she's with him. They are combustible in a way I didn't expect.

The title of the episode, "Children Shouldn't Play With Undead Things," was about Aidan coming to the rescue of Bernie, the child of a neighbor who is bullied every day after school. Visions of himself as a father came to light as Aidan entertained and befriended the boy, but his worst nightmare resulted from there. Aidan's lie came back to haunt him in the worst possible way. Somehow, I don't think this will be easy for him to let go.

Rebecca already witnessed Aidan and Bernie together, and guessed that he must have been a good father at one time. Rebecca is surely not to be trusted. I shudder to think what evil she will bring upon Aidan because I still believe her to be working with Bishop to bring him back into the fold. It seems I am alone in this view, as others have voiced their opposing opinions about her. I just wonder, what do they see that I don't?

In any event, I am open to challenge. Tell me what I'm missing in the bigger picture. Why do you disagree with me, or do you agree? Were you as surprised at the Josh and Nora scene as I was? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Children Shouldn't Play With Undead Things Review

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Aidan: You know, I've been thinking about last night, and you were right not to make a move.
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Josh: Maybe she's into bastards; I don't know. As long as she's happy, right?

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