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There was just a little bit of everything in "I Want You Back (From the Dead)."

I know some people find it disagreeable when Aidan goes all vampire, combining sex and blood with his crazy addiction. But I enjoy the scenes for what they are, messy and frightening with a desperate plea to feel something other than he is already feeling. Aidan was certainly spinning out of control, and it was all because of Rebecca.

Rebecca stopped him from going too far, but she had already gone beyond what I could have expected. For a split second, I thought I was wrong about Rebecca. I was almost willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that deep inside she might be a decent soul.

Paying Respects

Foiled again.

What kind of an idiot would turn a child into a vampire, especially one who lived right next door to your creator? It's so stupid I don't know that I can tolerate her presence on the show. I have no idea where this episode is going to leave Aidan, but I do know I hope Rebecca is left on the outside looking in.

I cannot condone him standing up for her any longer. She is beyond help, and if he wants to make an attempt at being normal, she must be out of the picture. Did anyone else cry because of what she drove Aidan to do? Is there a good reason Rebecca should not be subjected to the same fate? As a father, what he did... it's incomprehensible. Can he come back from that?

Even in death, Sally is still learning about herself. It was painful for her, but in the long run, I think knowing her faults and dealing with them will make her a much stronger character than she has been to date. At the very least, we got to see what can happen during ghostly sex and it was a fun scene in an otherwise morose episode.

I am slightly confused about Nora. I have watched the UK Being Human and I cannot for the life of me recall the exact series of events between their counterparts, George and Nina. I think the American version is progressing differently, but that the end result may be the same.

As much as Josh tried to push Nora away, he didn't want her to go. She knew he didn't want her to go. Being a strong woman, she showed Josh the scars of her terrible past, which allowed for Josh to ease up a bit on trying to loosen their growing connection. I'm really impressed at how quickly and deeply their relationship has grown. While it was definitely fast, it was done in a very realistic way. I don't think old fashioned courtship is the norm these days. We give our heads and our hearts a lot earlier than we should.

Josh and Nora, however, seem destined for each other, as if it was only a matter of time before they crashed into love.

Once again, the stateside interpretation of Being Human has drawn me farther into the characters and their plights. The benefit we have of a longer season is getting to know them in more detail. Relatively speaking, we're already in the middle of the second season of the British series. We have been given more time to explore and, after this episode, I'm giving the lead to Josh, Aidan and Sally over George, Mitchell and Annie.

How about you? I know (especially on Facebook) there will be people surprised and upset that I think the U.S. has edged out the UK version. If you've watched both shows, I'd love to hear your comparisons. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Being Human gets a second season because there is so much room to grow.

I Want You Back (From the Dead) Review

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Being Human Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Nora: You're such a nerd
Josh: Yes, but a sexy nerd. I'm like a living oxymoron.

That awful need to touch someone; be touched. For some of us, it just won't die. And eventually, that need will take you to your breaking point. Frankenstein's monster, poor bastard, couldn't stop reaching out. But, Dracula had it easy. He drank, he killed. End of story. He wasn't interested in being friends.