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"Chuck Versus the Muuurder" was the third straight episode that failed pop off the screen.

Sure, Chuck acting in the role of the Butler in some instances, and then as whoever thinks they solved the mystery in others, was humorous, but the rest of the gag was a bit tiresome. It was literally the same old story. The characters are in a dark enclosed place and the killer ends up being the absolute last person they expect it to be.

Casey in Action

If the whole purpose of the episode was to show that Chuck was now the leader of Team Bartowski, I'm okay with the end result. Because not only has Chuck proven himself to be a real spy at this point, but he kinda is worthy of being the leader of this squad. That is a difficult thing to say if you think about where he was a few years ago. And the idea that Sarah and Casey would be okay with him as a leader is even more surprising.

With Castle locked down as the Team tried to figure out who the killer was, Morgan was unable to help in any spy duties. Instead, he got to lead the B story with his fellow Buy Morians in their war against the Large Mart crew. While most of the material dealing with the Large Mart's pig, Kevin Bacon, was rather lame, it did allow for Jeff to recite this gem of knowledge on us all...

"If you love something, let it go.  And if it comes back, you can eat it."

Words of wisdom from Jeff Barnes. Also, among the fray of the prank war was Big Mike doing his best to let everyone know how good Subway's new breakfast sandwiches are. I don't know who is ever against product placement because every time the people at Chuck mention the greatness of Subway, I find it hilarious. That slow motion first pump with the Subway sandwich in the other hand by Big Mike made this episode.

And, finally, we had Captain and Mrs. Awesome. Devon really has become a pretty big worry wort over the past few seasons, so I didn't expect him to keep this new secret from Chuck. I guess he, like Ellie, was too intrigued by what they were finding on the Orion computer to let Chuck take it away so quickly.

But what was that final scan doing to Ellie's brain? Like I predicted last week, was it making Ellie a new intersect?  Or was the computer doing something completely different?

As far as the Chuck Triple Threat goes, "Chuck Versus the Muuurder" was once again rather weak.  There were some funny bits here and there, but very little heart in this one. And, yeah, there were some exciting moments, with a couple of bombs going off, but no actual fight scenes to get my action blood pumping.

Here's hoping that when Chuck returns in two weeks, it is back to the level of greatness it had going just before and just after the original 13 episode order finished its run.

Chuck Versus the Muuurder Review

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