Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Review: "Here Is the Fire"

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I am always on the edge of my seat when explosives are involved and "Here Is the Fire" started with a bang as the team raced against the clock to stop a bomber before he can set off a series of bombs.

While the show has had a growing trend of the writing improving, this week’s episode didn't gain any ground, but managed to stay on par with last week's episode.

I am very glad that the show has finally figured out how to shoot Forest Whitaker from his “good side” when focusing on him alone, making his dialogue and screen time less painful to watch. The scene where Prophet and Cooper are both laying out the profile of the suspect and they cut back and for the between the two of them has been my favorite scene so far this season.

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I was also very happy with the overall design of the profiling; including for the first time ever, the profile leading to the wrong person at first. I think the red herring of the first suspect turning out to be a kid with weapons and drugs made the story feel a bit more real.

This episode finally featured a little information on Beth Griffith; sadly, the majority of what was shared about her we had already figured out from the previous four episodes.

While the only new information was that she has been kicked off other teams, I don’t think it surprised anyone who has watched her character thus far.

The show is finally starting to pull the team together and have them work as a team. But, for the love of Sam Cooper’s Kendo sticks, why can’t they take a little time and introduce us to the rest of the team? We learned about Mick last week and we know a little bit about Prophet and Cooper from the pilot. But, I want to know about Gina and (God help me) Beth!

This leads me to the few things that I can only describe as in the category of: “What was the point?”

  • What was the point of the FBI Director and his assistant arguing about how the team would be interacting with the local police and her talking about how Cooper and his team don’t “blend?” The setup was completely wasted as they turned around and had the only real interaction be when Beth was getting the low-down on what happened.
  • What was the point of Beth quizzing the Police Detective about taking vitamins and then, not only giving him a baggy with some in it; but, give the disclaimer “don’t worry their legal?” Have I missed where Beth Griffith was a health nut or was this something Janeane Garofalo had worked into the story to push her personal agenda?
  • What is the point of waiting five episodes to have Mick and Cooper mention their history in Fallujah? This is the breadcrumbs you drop in the pilot to hook people in. I had no idea Mick and Cooper had a longer history.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior? Am I being too picky on the non sequitur items? Sound off below.

Here Is the Fire Review

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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Garcia: You want me to find if there were any bombs set off around Fredericksburg?
Cooper: You read my mind.
Garcia: That's a dark and mysterious place.

He is telling us he is not done yet, there are going to be other bombs.