Greek Review: "Agents for Change"

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"Agents for Change" marked the return of Frannie, the unlikely pairing of Rusty and Evan, and even a Justin Bieber concert.

Indeed, Tiffany Dupont reprised her role as Frannie Morgan, looking as great as ever. Her appearance led to some tension-filled scenes with Casey, making me nostalgic for seasons past. This girl was always a layered complication and it felt good to have her back for an episode.

Agents of Change

The best part about Frannie showing up in Cyprus Rhodes? Cappie’s reaction. Aaaahhh!

Who else is up in the air about Calvin’s position at Omega Chi? Part of me really wants him to leave and go join the KTs. It was awesome for him to stand up for Dale once again. The real brothers on this show are Calvin, Dale, and Rusty.

Chambers International purchased the patent for Rusty’s wire, causing Rusty and Evan to spend some time together. This was interesting because the majority of scenes the two have shared together over the series have been arguments and fights. Rusty seemed to recognize why Evan is the way he is, reminding me of why Cappie and Evan were friends in the first place. Although Evan has been a certified jerk the past few episodes, he hasn’t always been that way. Having Cappie, Evan, and Rusty become friends in the finale would not be something I would hate.

Let’s talk a minute about Pledge Spidey pretending to be Justin Bieber. As much as I love corny and unrealistic storylines (i.e One Tree Hill), this was just ridiculous. No one would believe that Pledge Spidey is Bieber, even with the hoodie and the hair. On a side note, how awesome would it have been if they had actually had Justin Bieber on the show?

Next week, we come to the series finale of Greek. It is sure to be a bittersweet ending after the past four years. What do you think is in store for our favorite characters? Is Spidey the one sabotaging the KTs?

Agents for Change Review

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