Lights Out Review: "Sucker Punch"

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Fans may be feeling the title of this episode, "Sucker Punch," especially after hearing the news that Lights Out has been canceled. While a disappointment for this promising show, at least viewers will get to see their favorite fighter in the final two episodes.

The penultimate episode of the series initiated the return and departure of Mae Leary, Patrick's mother. The question of her absence was finally answered after multiple hints of her character throughout previous episodes.

Turns out, Mae had abandoned her family on multiple occasions, so it wasn't hard to see where the resentment came from. Patrick, being the caring guy that he is, wouldn't completely dismiss her. She is family after all.

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So it was a sad moment for Patrick when he was blindsided by the fact that his mother didn't return for her family. Instead, she lied about getting sober, she lied about her boyfriend's death, and she was simply looking to take money from her son. While Patrick has such a compassion and willingness to do good for others, it can sometimes be his ultimate weakness. He just wants to do the right thing.

The final conversation between Mae and Patrick illustrated his disappointment through his quiet demeanor and despondent eyes. He was the person that believed her because, hey, she was still his mother. It was a betrayal that cut the deepest, yet Patrick was still able to have the heart to give her money. What's worse was that even as Mae cried out for her son not to leave her, she quickly opened the envelope to look at the money. Were any of her moments with the family true or was it all an act?

In addition to the new family problems (he has a lot, doesn't he?), Patrick also had to deal with Hal and Barry clawing to maintain control of the fighter.

Betting is a significant part of a majority of sports, and the odds game can have quite an effect before the match ever takes place. I never thought for a second that the reason Patrick's odds for a win were decreasing was because he was going to take a dive. Patrick has far too much pride to commit such an act.

Yet, even with all of his pride and determination, the fact remains: Patrick is a commodity.

He may be the only person taking punches in the ring, but there are so many strings and connections attached involving the fight. Everyone wants a piece and money is the prime goal.

Hal and Barry may appear calm and friendly in appearance, but lately there has a been a viciousness bubbling to the surface in both of them. Their conversations with Patrick always bring out sharp and fierce words. They get what they want.

So, who ordered the hit on Margaret Leary? I can only assume Hal, in order to throw suspicion off of him. Does he even care about her?

This was the calm before the storm, as the final episode airs next week. Be sure to tune in and watch the fight between Leary and Reynolds finally come to fruition. It's going to be an all out battle!

Sucker Punch Review

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