Louise Lombard Books Return to CSI

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The return of Nate Haskell to CSI this spring will bring along with it another familiar face: former series regular Louise Lombard.

TV Line confirms that the actress will reprise the role of Sofia Curtis, who has not appeared since season eight, on one episode in May.

“Sofia’s a deputy chief now,” executive producer Carol Mendelsohn says. “She’s gotten her shield and she has a real ‘take no prisoners’ attitude."

Louise Lombard on CSI

What brings Curtis back into the picture? Haskell, of course. Says Mendelsohn:

“Langston becomes involved because Sofia wants to call in the feds, since they’ve now had Haskell sightings in Mexico and all over, which means he’s clearly not in Vegas. Of course, Langston begs to differ. The episode is really about where is Nate Haskell.”

Lombard is only booked for one episode at the moment, but the producer won't rule out an appearance on the finale, as well.

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