Mireille Enos Previews The Killing

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Best known for her dual role on Big Love (she played both Marquart twins), Mireille Enos is set to anchor The Killing.

The actress stars on AMC's latest drama, which focuses on the murder of a young girl in Seattle and premieres this Sunday night. Return to TV Fanatic soon after the two-hour pilot for a thorough rundown, and check out excerpts of Enos's recent interview with Alan Sepinwall below...

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On prepping for the role of a homicide detective:
I was four months pregnant when I shot the pilot. So normally I’m a person who loves research and would have thrown myself into cop cars.  But because I was pregnant, I didn’t want to do any of that.

But on the set, the man for the pilot who was doing all of our still photography, he had been a homicide detective for 20 years. I just bent ear basically for a month about procedure and the cases he was on and where the gun should sit on my hip... And then I just tried to think about Sarah’s job as a cop like any job, you know? It's a job that person is good at, and you show up, and there’s boring parts and there’s exciting parts and that was that.

On her character's relationship with a a rookie detective:
It’s a great relationship because they have an instant dislike of one another, and yet there are things about their different styles that both have to admit are very effective. And so they end up respecting each other in spite of themselves. And it’s fun finding those moments where he makes me crazy, but what he did was actually really useful.

On being part of an ensemble:
I think a lot of the other actors have harder jobs than I do. I mean, the emotional requirement of the family members, Brent (Sexton) and Michelle (Forbes) are doing such incredible heart-breaking work (as the victim's parents).  And there's the political storyline.  t’s hard to get all that political language and allow it to be alive and fresh and not feel like a separate part of the story, to feel like it’s all tangled in. And I just feel like the script is just kind of carrying me along.

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