Parents Television Council Slams Glee for "Muddled, Appalling" Message on Teen Sex

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The Parents Television Council is taking major issue with the latest episode of Glee.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Isett, the organization's director of public policy, says various scenes were "pretty appalling," specifically the one captured below, where Holly danced for Artie and other students.

"Real-world teachers don't lap dance with their students," Isett said.

Dancing for Artie

Overall, "it sends a muddled message," Isett said, also citing Puck and Lauren's desire to make a sex tape. "I'm sure if you were to talk to Ryan Murphy, [he] would say they're trying to present an honest portrayal, and that it makes it easier for kids to talk to their parents about these issues, and all of that is certainly commendable. But at the same time, the show is based on making sexual content look cool. "

Isett acknowledged Burt's chat with Kurt ("Kudos for having a real discussion about those things. You really don't see a responsible sex talk on TV very often."), but added that, from the outset, the episode aimed "to make the celibacy club look like the nerds convention."

"There was very little doubt - despite  the sort of lip service the show gave to responsible sexual activity - that the gist of the show was lap dances with students is cool, the celibacy club is not, and when it's presented in that way, it really cheapens whatever discussion there is about consequence and responsibility."

Did you watch? Do you agree with the assessment of the PTC?

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