Stephen King to Pen an Episode of The Walking Dead?

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At the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, the cast of The Walking Dead teased an exciting possibility: Stephen King may write a season two episode of this AMC smash.

Having adapted two of the author's books into movies - The Green Mile and The Mist - producer Frank Darabont has a long-standing relationship with the ironic writer.

Among other season two spoilers/tidbits revealed during the panel discussion held at The IGN Theatre:

Walking Dead Finale Photo
  • Laurie Holden said Andrea will deal with the aftermath of her suicide plan on the first season finale: "[Andrea] will be at rock bottom. She will not make it easy on Dale for saving her life from the events in the CDC... She's trying to find her feet again, [and] finds herself set to avenge her sister's death." 
  • Said Jon Bernthal of Shane's relationship with Lori and Carl: it will being out "the best and worst" in him.
  • For fans of the graphic novel, Holden implied that Tyreese, Michonne and The Governor will likely make their presence felt in some way.
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