The Good Wife Creators React to Kalinda Bombshell

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Kalinda did what with whom?!? If you have not yet watched last night's episode of The Good Wife, go fire up the DVR or check out our review of "Ham Sandwich."

Okay? All caught up? Then pick your jaw off the floor and learn more about this bombshell - for how long has it been planned? What impact will it have? - via an EW interview with creators Robert and Michelle King...

Blake vs. Kalinda

Has the Kalinda/Peter storyline really been planned since the pilot? Yes. The Kings wanted to introduce it early last season, but were convinced otherwise by CBS - and are now thrilled they did so because Kalinda's bond with Alicia added to the impact of this revelation.

“We had so much invested emotionally with Kalinda and Alicia,” Robert says, “that it was feeling kind of dangerous. It almost made the hairs on the back of your neck stick up and go, Well, should we do that?”

Wait... why did Kalinda ever befriend Alicia? “A lot of Kalinda’s actions toward Alicia are founded on this backstory that you didn’t know about until now,” says Robert. “That’s part of the justification for the friendship.” Adds his wife:

“There is sincerity from Kalinda, which is part of what makes it heart-breaking. It deepens the betrayal and deepens, frankly, the sadness for both of them.”

When will Alicia learn the truth? Sooner than later. Prior to the season finale, it sounds like.

How will this storyline affect other characters and developments? Robert describes it as the "meeting point," explaining: "This is the season’s third act. How do these different threads that were running on different planes suddenly crash and start affecting each other? Everything then kind of bumps up against each other a little bit more the further you move on from here.”

Such as? Look for a lot more ahead on Alicia and Will’s possible romance; Cary’s career; and Peter’s campaign.

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