The Walking Dead Season 2 Scoop: Lava Planet Ahead!

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The Walking Dead comes out on DVD next week.

In preparation for this event, producer/comic book creator Robert Kirkman spoke to Entertainment Weekly and teased a number of season two storylines. What sort of visuals can we look forward to when the show returns, likely in October? Find out now...

The Walking Dead DVD

On the setting of season two: We’re going to see Hershel’s farm. We’re looking to take some picturesque rural landscapes and playing with that and coming up with some cool zombie visuals. We’ll see some of the locations of the first season, but we’re going to mainly focus on breaking new ground. Oh, and we’re going to feature a lava planet.

On Rick versus Shane: That’s definitely the core dynamic that’s going on, but there’s a lot of other interesting stuff in the mix. We’re going to seeing a lot of Andrea and a lot more of Laurie.

On zombie gore to come: We’ve been talking to [zombie effects master] Greg Nicotero a lot about some cool zombie stuff he has planned. As much as this show pushed the envelope of gore on TV, the joy of seeing the best zombies ever done on a TV show every week, all I can say you haven’t seen anything yet.

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