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Kenneth: You're the one that makes us laugh. Never go away again.

I couldn't agree with Kenneth more.  Although he was referring to the character Tracy Jordan, and my sentiment refers more to the actor Tracy Morgan, Tracy being back in full force for "Everything Sunny All the Time Always" was certainly the shot in the arm that 30 Rock needed.

Kenneth, Tracy and Grizz Picture

Tracy's absence gave the writers the ability to come up with this great story line in which Kenneth, Grizz and Dot Com had an inside joke that made their friend and boss extremely angry. And as 30 Rock does so often, whether with "Blurg!" or "I want to go to there," I know that "Smooth move Ferguson" will easily have the opportunity to become common phrasing amongst the public.

Of course when Tracy made everyone recreate the scene in which "Smooth Move Ferguson" was first uttered, it wasn't very funny. That didn't stop it from being hilarious when Tracy insisted that everyone crack up around him... "Everyone laugh. Now you sons of b*tches."

While the other two plots of the episode were both entertaining, Jack dealing with Kim Jong Il kidnapping Avery was definitely the better of the two.

Honestly, any time Kim Jong was on screen, it worked. Between the spotty translation, the fact that North Korea is "everything sunny all the time, always, good time, beach party," and the constant reminders to the people of North Korea that they have had enough to eat, the entire bit was working.

Liz on the other hand, while she had a few good lines early on, including the creation of Liz-bianism, got really boring as the episode went on. I enjoyed how they used a song to move the story along, but once that plastic bag came into play, I checked out and just wanted more Tracy and Kim Jong Il.

Speaking of that pairing, can we please see more of their North Korean propaganda movie?

As always, we leave you with some of our favorite quotes from "Everything Sunny All the Time Always."  Don't forget to check out the 30 Rock quotes page for all the best one-liners.

Jack: Call back tomorrow. She has baby-nomics at 11. | permalink
Jenna: Oh I've taken action. It dries your mouth out, but the sex is amazing. | permalink
Liz: I found Tracy, I saved the show, I always think of a third thing when I'm listing stuff. | permalink
Kenneth: It just feels so good to have the Three Muskateers and Dot Com back together again. | permalink
Avery: I don't know why our daughter would be afraid of Reagan.
Jack: Are you accusing me of not doing enough Reagan time with her? | permalink
Tracy: JMo how long would it take for your hair to grow back?
Jenna: It depends. Do you have access to horse seaman?
Tracy: You know I do. | permalink

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Oh I've taken action. It dries your mouth out, but the sex is amazing.


Call back tomorrow. She has baby-nomics at 11.