America's Next Top Model Review: "Franca Sozzani"

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Cycle 16 of America’s Next Top Model is already winding down to the finale. It seems like only yesterday that we started hating on Alexandria, who’s fast proving to be a finale contender for the title of America’s Next Top Model's 16th edition.

In "Franca Sozzani," the models shot in exotic Morocco with a camel! Let’s break it down.

Model Education

The Challenge:

The girls first arrive at Marrakech, which looks like an amazing Arabian Nights-esqe backdrop, complete with snake charmers and pretty cute monkeys. 

The girls are treated to delicious little treats and taken to a local Marrekech designer with Andre Leon Talley where they’re promptly asked to walk in haute couture outfits. The designs are earthy and reminiscent of the desert; perfect for Marrekech.

The first disaster in Morocco strikes as Kasia can’t find a dress to fit her.

Despite being disappointed, they find a skirt for the girl and she walks quite well. Meanwhile, Brittani is praised for her high-fashion walk while Kasia impresses Andre by bringing her heels. She managed to salvage the lack of clothing!

The rooftop Moroccan penthouse for the girls is stunning!  Although of course Tyra couldn’t resist putting her pictures everywhere; how does she have time to do that??  And really Tyra, vain much? 

Molly’s been complaining more so than usual and she’s pissed about the fact that she has to share a bed with other girls; has Molly become the new Alexandria? 

The Photoshoot:

You just know the photoshoot is going to be exciting when Mr. Jay arrives on top of a camel with the most exotic costume possible!  It reminds me of the fabulous shoot in Cycle 6 with the elephants! 

The girls seems a little antsy on top of the elephant, but most of them pull off quite elegant shots.  Brittani seems most “at one” with the camel while Molly was “tense” in a modelesque way. 

Predictably, Alexandria is controlling and high-maintenance during the photoshoot, and if Mr. Jay can predict it, she’s in trouble.  The photographer, Michael Woolley doesn’t seem to like her vibe very much either, which will hopefully put her in trouble. 

Kasia’s not having a good episode; from her insecurity over her weight to being too pose-y and breaking down at the photoshoot, her chances at panel don’t seem to be good. 

Judges’s Table:

The guest judge is Franca Sozzani, the venerable editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia.  The girls best be on their best behaviors if they want to impress this lady!  Her critiques are much harsher but also more specific than Tyra’s or Nigels.  I would take this as a sign of true experience and knowledge in fashion. 

The judges also seem rather split in their decisions; in the end, Molly comes out on top!  Guess her nasty attitude gave her some edge.  She’s followed by Brittani and Hannah.

At the bottom are Kasia and Alexandria. At this point, you would think Alexandria would go home after being chastised repeatedly about her attitude, but the drama queens always stay in ANTM. Kasia is sent home for her insecurity. 

Overall, a fun and upbeat episode, if only because Morocco seems so fun and different, providing unique opportunities for photoshoots.  It’ll definitely be exciting to watch the girls try to navigate the pitfalls of cultural customs; it’s never been a strong point of ANTM contestants (remember Japan?)

As a bonus, let’s discuss the fact that next cycle of ANTM is pulling a Top Chef and bringing back their All-Stars!  All the girls who almost made it will come back to compete; you know what this means.   Amazing photos; crazy drama. Is anyone else secretly hoping  dreading that Jade Cole will come back?

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Season 16 Franca Sozzani Review

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