Archer Review: "White Nights"

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Much like last week's Monaco adventures, this week's Archer took us to a foreign land.  This week's destination?  The mother load of all spy destinations: Russia.

Normally, I'm a much bigger fan of Archer when the show forgets its a spy parody and keeps the dyfunction at home in the ISIS offices.  But this week, "White Nights," was actually a very welcomed surprise as it proved to be one of the series' best efforts.

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Sure, this week didn't have a B story relying on the ISIS goons and only mere cutaways to the Krieger-less core group as they weighed in remotely in the A story, but that didn't stop Archer from bringing it in the comedy department.

Archer didn't even have Lana or Ray during his adventure as he was hilariously miss-paired with long-time nemesis, Barry.  These two characters play well off each other, but it was really Sterling and the ridiculous cast of Russians that made this episode.

Some of the finest jokes at Russia's expense?

  • Lana undercover as Russia's only black woman.
  • People coming from miles to have their picture taken in a torn pair of loafers.
  • No? More of a lace up crowd?
  • The throwback to the pilot during the torture scene: "I should have paid more attention to training."
  • "Is this a broken glass factory!?" "How is this happy play time!?"

Oh that list could go on for hours, but that's what our Archer quotes section is for! 

It was definitely an entertaining ride tonight, but a little lame that the episode left us with such a weak cliffhanger for next week's season finale.  Hopefully, this KGB vixen proves to be more than the grown up version of Anka from "Swiss Miss" that she looks like.

White Nights Review

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Archer Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Barry: Your boots are slipping.
Archer: Probably because there's 200 pounds of asshole hanging from them
Barry: 183!
Archer: Whatever, fat boy. Tell that to my silk socks.
Barry: Why are you wearing silk socks?
Archer: Is that a joke?

Barry: He sodomized my fiancee.
Malory: You're still together?
Barry: Oh I'm sorry, ex-fiance. That's what I meant to say.
Malory: Then it wasn't it meant to be.