Archer Season Finale Round Table: "Double Trouble"

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Season two of Archer may have come to a close last Thursday, but that doesn't mean the show has left the minds of our esteemed Round Tablists.  Or is it Tablers?  Either way, they gathered around to discuss the season finale.

So go ahead and board the S.S. Date Rape, because here we go!  Toot toot!

What was your favorite Archer quote from last night?  

Dr. Toboggan: Archer: "She even got me to stop drinking.... Well not all at once. I'm afraid the cumulative hangover alone would literally kill me."

Mark F:  Really anything Mallory said. She was on her game but I'll go with her quote of "well than your as dumb as you are stupid" because it reminds me of growing up

Eric H: Pretty much anything out of cyborg Barry's mouth, but I think the funniest was him screaming "Reset the meter" with a car above his head.  Very very close second was "one for three off the roof, bitch!"

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Bigger loss: Katya Kazanova or Krieger's van of rolling probable cause?

Dr. Toboggan: Krieger. This can't really be a discussion can it? Katya wanted to change Archer and Krieger was the greatest proud owner of an r-van outside of the Chuck universe.

Mark F: Krieger's van of rolling probable cause. In just the 2 mins they introduced it they had several great jokes. Katya on the other hand had no good lines and was trying to change Archer for the worse. Nobody likes a sober jerk, only a drunk one. Believe me, I know. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night... but on another note, a windowless room with plush interior and cool projector that's mobile? Go Team Pedobear.

Eric H: I'm glad to know my colleagues are such heartless supporters of pedophiles.  I'm going to throw you both under the bus rape van and go with Katya.  Although I won't miss that wretched voice acting, I will miss those beautiful animated set of "Double Trouble."

Does Canada even have a spy agency?

Dr. Toboggan: To protect them from what? Global warming? I don't even think they have nukes. They just hang like the freshman baseball team knowing nothing they do really matters.

Mark F: Absolutely. They mostly work with the spy agencies of Luxembourg and Iceland though. But, they are out there doing G-d's work. For example, they team up with Luxembourg to hurl insults at the Swiss since Luxembourg has been slowly gaining market-share as the new tax evading off-shore money haven of choice; then, they all go to Iceland to club baby seals so they don't overrun the island; and, lastly, they help Canada be America's backyard by collecting payments in U.S. dollars to help fund all these wacky fun adventures. Although, somehow, the Vatican guards have nicer uniforms than the Canadian spy agency.. (sigh).

Eric H: Unless those mounties of theirs are some sort of non-covert spy agency, gonna go with no.  The closest thing they have to worrying about is losing all their talented people to America.  Thanks for Ryan Reynolds, but you can have your Celine Dion back.

Barry.  I don't even know where to begin.  Just go off on the topic.

Dr. Toboggan: I for one love bionic Barry. He took so much crap and it was funny but now that he can actually win occasionally (don't worry he won't) I think it will make for funnier encounters. Not to mention he is now controlled, kind of, by the KGB which is great.

Mark F: I am not sold on the Six Million Dollar Barry. I am all for beating him up but even then I would think he could get the one-up on Archer every once in a while. I feel keeping Barry normal and at ODIN could have been a great backdrop for on-going running jokes. But now that he's a cyborg it's a little ridiculous. But there goes Krieger's six years of secret work. 

Eric H: We all know from last week's round table, I'm starting to develop a soft spot for Barry.  Sure the sleazeball tries to negotiate Lana's vagina into every deal, but the guy definitely deserved some revenge on Archer.  Now the guy finally has a chance and I'm sure we'll see plenty of entertaining face-offs.

Thoughts on season two finale?  Compared to last year's "Dial M for Mother?"

Dr. Toboggan: I loved it. I didn't think last years was great, but I thought this finale started out with 15 of some of the funniest minutes in all of Archer. Katya was never funny but she was only a means to move the plot along and get the whole gang together.

Mark F: I still think they've had better episodes but Krieger's van does kind of seal the deal for this being a great episode. Katya did annoy me a bit since she didn't have anything clever to say like Lady von Finger_____ from the Alabama of Europe but there were still plenty of great jokes all around

Eric H: Huge fan.  I think it blew away last year's finale and leaves us with somewhere to go next season.  But more on that in the...

BONUS QUESTION: Where do you want to see Archer go in season three?

Dr. Toboggan: Did they really go anywhere this season? Outside of backstories the biggest thing was Gilettes added involvement and I hope he stays a big part. I would also like to see Archer find out who his father is and let the entire crew deal with those repercussions. Also my apologies to Canada, they actually rock from what I'm told.

Mark F: That's a tough one. But I think we'll get another Seamus episode and hopefully they bring back some Burt Reynolds references. I'm pretty sure all the back story episodes are over and everyone seems to have adopted the tactical neck strategy so that's kind of taken care of.. But the episodes do seem better when they get everyone involved because then there is plenty of material to work with.

Eric H: Well we'll definitely see plenty more of the new and improved Barry.  Like Mark, I'd also love to see the return of the Wee Baby Seamus.  Maybe finally have Cyril learn the truth?  Though I'd miss Archer's interactions with him then. As far as overall story arcs, I agree with the Doctor that we deserve to learn who Archer's father is already.

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