Bones Review: This Truth Hurts

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Brennan [to Cam]: I find your lotion a bit repugnant.

Booth: Sometimes when I don’t have any clean underwear I go commando.

Hodgins [to Wendell]: When you were dating Angela, I planned your murder in great detail.

These were just some of the "aggressive" truths that found their way into this week's episode of Bones, entitled "The Pinocchio in the Planter."

Advanced Gardening

While overall a decent episode, the content of the case failed to exceed what have now become rather low expectations for me. Even Booth's secret, which, given his hesitance to reveal it earlier in the episode, lacked the luster and perhaps even awe that I was genuinely expecting.

Yet, given the rather stationary overall trajectory of this season, I, unfortunately, believe that perhaps I should not have been surprised.

Mind you, this episode has some real potential in terms of character development, especially with regard to Angela and Hodgins becoming completely honest with one another over the fears they have about the baby's potential to be born blind.

I would have especially liked to see more of a conversation between Sweets and Angela, as it occurred to me that we have rarely seen them interact on an interpersonal level.

But other than that, the other minor plot points, such as Wendell's aggressive approach to procuring more hours, and his insistence on insulting Cam's lotion scent, was slightly unnecessary.

Even more interesting is that throughout this entire episode Brennan managed to elude having to tell a truth herself. While I recognize that she professes to tell "aggressive" truths all the time, that fact is most certainly has to be untrue.

I just don't think there's a human on the planet who hasn't lied. Besides, when she told Booth that his omission was the same as lying, I found her statement to be rather hypocritical. There are certainly things she herself has withheld from Booth, which would make her no better.

I also think if she'd been compelled to tell a truth in order to gain the cooperation of the group it would have been more entertaining, and Sweets even more so. Why was Booth the only one having to come clean in the situation?

Booth Interrogates

On another note, I had totally forgotten about Booth's distaste for clowns. I remember the last time that was an issue was when he shot the clown-head on the ice cream truck a while back. It wasn't as funny as I was hoping it would be, but it was a nice refresher of a character quirk.

As a whole, one undeniably redeeming quality of this episode was that it didn't include any cameos from "The Finder."

Other than that, this season continues to straggle on into the final four episodes. Each week my faith in the redemption of this season slowly drifts into complacency.

This truth hurts; it's not a nice feeling to have watching this show that I've come to watch season after season.

But am I the only one that feels that way? Sound off below.

The Pinocchio in the Planter Review

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Bones Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Sometimes when I don't have any clean underwear I go commando.


I find your lotion a bit repugnant.

Brennan [to Cam]