Brothers & Sisters Review: "Father Unknown"

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A whole mess of Walker family secrets were revealed in last night's Brothers & Sisters episode, "Father Unknown" - even by the ABC drama's exceedingly high standards!

We begin with Nora, who is understandably still shaken up by the whole Brody situation. Her Brody situation. She doesn't even know that Brody could be Sarah’s father.

Well, until Justin blurts it out and the race for the secret DNA test is on.

B&S Crunch Time

Nora has one of Brody’s old hats; now they need a sample from Sarah. Remember when they pulled out a piece of Rebecca's hair back in the day? So much DNA drama.

This plays out alongside a SECOND parental mystery, one Justin is also caught in the middle of. He agrees, at Kevin's request, to keep the Michelle situation on the DL.

Kevin and Scotty desperately try to track their possible surrogate baby mama down.

They learn through their P.I. that Michelle has a boy named Daniel. However, she's disappeared into the wind for now ... until Scotty gets a text message from her.

Afraid they will take her baby away, Michelle is hesitant to meet the guys. Without telling his husband, Scotty assures his friend that they will work something out.

Kevin answers a follow-up phone call from Michelle and loses his mind, of course, sparking fear in Michelle and causing her to cut off all contact with both men.

All the secret-keeping is taking its toll on Justin. He comes clean to his mom about Sarah’s secret cruise plans AND that Michelle may have had Kevin's child.

Justin goes on to tell Kevin about Brody potentially being Sarah’s father.

Nora and Kevin need a drink, and so do we. This is an awful lot of info to process in the span of one episode, with the stakes seemingly rising by the minute.

The test results come back and Brody is, in fact, the father of Sarah. Nora takes it in stride, at least for the moment. He's gone and that's all there is to it.

How Sarah reacts will be another story. Somehow taking it in stride is now what we expect, nor do we expect we've seen the last of Beau Bridges' Brody.

Then comes the surprise twist in the Michelle situation. Justin arrives with baby Daniel in tow. Michelle came to his house, left the baby and just took off.

Kevin and Scotty are stunned, as is Olivia, who's going to want to know why this baby suddenly showed up. Kevin and Scotty are going to have their hands full.

Did she really just abandon their son and split? So they've gone to these great lengths to take in Olivia, and now the biological child they wanted is theirs.

Interesting, albeit highly unrealistic. Think we'll ever see Michelle again, or was this it? Could the baby later be revealed to NOT be theirs? So many possibilities.

While all this was going on, Saul suggested Luc and Sarah sign a prenup. Not happening. Although there was the mistaking of a pile of sheet music for said prenup.

You don't see that every day.

What did you think of this week's Brothers & Sisters? Will stuff really hit the fan next week? Are you enjoying the storylines playing out this spring?

Father Unknown Review

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