Friday Night Lights Review: "The Right Hand of the Father"

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Buddy's new bar is hoppin' and there's Lion fever sweeping East Dillon. However, early into "The Right Hand of the Father" we find out that once again trouble is on the horizon.

For starters, there's some major fallout from last week's raucous party. Being that we live in the generation of camera phones and gossip blogs, of course a video of the party has hit the internet. Not just any old video, but one of rally girl initiation and the slutty redhead Maura getting passed around as a "drunk puppet."

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Apparently the video got over 2000 hits, damn! For small town Dillon this must be going viral. The principal, parents, and Taylors are horrified however the students are far less apologetic, particularly Maura. She thinks it's funny and continues on her slutty spiral by almost banging a dude in the supply closet. I say almost because no one can pull that kind of crap on Tami's watch.

The students are penalized in different ways and ultimately the Taylors end up taking the punishments into their own hands. For the girls it was a boring assembly with a monotonous speaker (who doesn't remember suffering through those in high school?) That is, until Tami snaps and straight up schools these girls.

For Coach, he said that if anybody breaks the school's moral standards that they are off the team. Never one to break his word, he kept true to that promise by kicking off two guys who were mocking the video. One person whose attitude Coach will deal with is Vince.

Vince has come such a long way since Season 4 and his world is suddenly thrown off kilter by the return of his father from jail. Considering his dad's been locked up for the past five years for various crimes including drug dealing, which contributed largely to his mother's addiction, Vince isn't too welcoming. His father pleads, fights, and shows up at the game. Though his attempts seemed genuine and Vince began to soften in the end, I'm not sure if I would trust him just yet.

Aside from all the drama going down in Dillon, Julie is making her own bad decisions at college. Sure enough as I predicted, her TA was looking for a much more intimate relationship than just grading her papers. He put out the bait and Julie caved, hook, line, and sinker. He later apologizes for sleeping with her, you know since he's a teacher and she's a student.

Interesting apology Derek. How about the fact that you're MARRIED? Wanna apologize for that little tidbit? Everything that comes out of this guys mouth just reeks of douchiness. He far surpasses the Swede. Why is Julie stooping to these losers after being with a sweetheart like Matt Saracen? Damn girl, get it together.

Out west in Cali, Buddy's son is making bad choices of his own causing panic in his parents. After a heartwarming scene at Buddy's bar where everyone is celebrating another victory, Buddy realizes that his son needs to be in a tightknit, supportive environment like Dillon. I wonder what little Garrity will be like as a teenager? We all know my beloved Lyla (yes I was her for Halloween this year) was not as innocent as she seemed!

This episode landed on the depressing side. Teenage angst was in the air and the Taylors did their best to squash it. Despite the Lions' victories, I still felt a bit blue after watching. Vince's performance in Coach's office was impressive and probably the best part of the episode. Here's hoping next week will bring us back a little humor and good nature.

The Right Hand of the Father Review

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Friday Night Lights Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Tami: It didn't look to me like you were having fun. It looked to me like you were passed out cold.
Maura [rolls eyes]: Have you ever been to a party?
Tami: I sure have. I usually try to stay awake, it's a lot more fun that way.

Eric: We didn't do any of this crap when we were kids.
[Awkward Pause]
Eric: Alright, I'll see you later.
Tami: Yeah...