Modern Family Review: Hair Rings and Harnesses

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What a way to bounce back from a mediocre episode last week.

"Someone to Watch Over Lily" was a laugh riot from start to finish. No Three's Company-style misunderstandings. No lame sight gags. Just pure hilarity stemming from everyday situations that any family could face. When Modern Family follows this formula, it proves why it won a Best Comedy Series Emmy. In fact, so much of the episode tweaked my funny bone, it's next to impossible to comment on it all.

Careful, Jay

Jay and Mitchell trying to determine whether the Pritchetts or the Dunphys would be best suited to become Lily's legal guardians if something tragic should ever happen to them (God-forbid!) delivered a number of laughs, such as Gloria's jubilation over the prospect making them increasingly uncomfortable. The fact that she got Lily "hairrings," but pierced both ears (not just the gay one) was pretty darn funny too.

Cameron climbing into a rock climbing harness to prove a point and being subsequently dropped by Jay gave him plenty of opportunities to whine - which we know he loves to do - as well as make a shout out to his clown training. Mitchell read my mind, though. Would we be hearing about this incident for weeks or months? Since Cam still talks to this day about his horrific childhood Halloween debacle, I'm inclined to lean heavily toward the latter.

I'm liking seeing the softer side of Jay, particularly when he was so understanding with Manny's fear  and expressed his feeling that Manny is the bravest kid he knows. (It's true though. Any kid who wears blazers to school and plays the pan flute is drawing some attention to himself.) This made Jay and Gloria the easy choice (especially in light of the Dunphy's out of control kitchen situation) as Lily's potential guardians, sending Gloria into fits of ecstasy.

Claire's concern over Luke's performance in school and overall emotional well-being ended up producing the moment at which I laughed the hardest.  Luke shaking his head while watching the paint can shaker oscillate was mildly amusing, that is until we caught the extended scene later of Phil doing the exact same thing. There was no controlling the outburst of laughter at that point.

In addition to that, Phil's distraction in the doctor's office, his dummy-speak reaction to Claire's admission she was afraid Luke would turn in to him and the subsequent abandoning of Luke in the parking lot as they argued were all laugh out loud moments. At least now Claire recognizes that Luke is just a normal kid and perhaps she's the one with the issue.

It was good to see Haley and Alex bonding more, even if over a breaking and entering charge and shaving cream, especially when Haley showed genuine concern over her younger sister's distaste for the cello. Alex clearly inherited her mom's perfection gene (or is that OCD?), so hearing her admit that there was something she didn't want to do, yet was hesitant to give up because it she'd never quit anything before hopefully means there is some hope for her avoiding her mom's path.

A few other funny moments:

  • Phil shouting out "Son of Jor-El" in response to the pan fire
  • Claire's initial reaction to Luke getting a Woody (From Toy Story) from Phil's office receptionist
  • Luke's admission that he realized he didn't have to take his pants off for the psychologist a little late, and Phil's "been there buddy" consolation¬†
  • The psychologist asking Claire what she's worried about and Phil responding "Get comfortable"
  • Mitchell's shy bladder revelation
  • Gloria renaming Lily "Lilyana"
  • Phil's reaction to Gloria's claim she had "big ones" (earrings) since she was two.

I loved this episode. How about you? Let us know in the comments!

Someone to Watch Over Lily Review

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Claire: Phil, the frying pan is on fire!
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