The Borgias Promo & Clips: "The French King"

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Last night's episode of The Borgias featured crime, passion and crimes of passion. What's to come on Showtime's Papal drama next Sunday in "The French King"?

Della Rovere reaches France and strikes a bargain with its ruler to invade Italy in exchange for control of Naples, while Rodrigo attempts to thwart the invasion.

In order to accomplish that, he forms an alliance, marrying his youngest son Joffre to Princess Sancia of Naples. Juan may sabotage the grand plan, however.

Check out a promo and two clips from the episode below:

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The Borgias Quotes

Woman: You're a cleric?
Cesare: Didn't you notice?
Woman: There was nothing ecclesiastical about you last night.

You will fight like dogs over this corpse I leave, for this throne of Saint Peter's, but it was pure once.

Pope Innocent