The Chicago Code Review: "Wild Onions"

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The heat makes emotions run high both inside and outside the police department in "Wild Onions" as a record breaking heat wave hits Chicago. 

When we first met Jarek Wysocki in The Chicago Code pilot, I really liked him. While he had a lot of the classic "shoot from the hip, follow my own rules" personality built into him; he also had some uniqueness in that he didn’t like cussing and he knew right away if someone was going to be a fit as his partner.  

Teresa in the Street

But it really feel like we don’t have that guy anymore? Every week Wysocki is going even more out of his way to piss-off someone (another cop, a DA, etc.). Not to mention he seems to be making a point to bite the hand that feeds him when it comes to Colvin as he has begun to question and insult her skills. 

Come on Wysocki, she is the freaking Superintendent of the police force and the youngest ever to get the post. You haven’t moved one step up since she was your partner.

You would do well to remember that when you are insulting other cops as you take over the cases. I will add that, while the insults make for some amusing banter, it is really starting to get old that he has a problem with *everyone* but Colvin. 

I was excited when the episode opened and Wysocki was actually being friendly and jovial with Colvin about finding her new driver. I liked Antonio and thought his death scene was some of the best writing I have ever seen on TV.

I wonder how many episodes Officer Ray Bidwell (Warren Kole) will make it. Before he is killed or re-assigned. 

Why have the voiceovers in the last couple of episodes felt more like advertisements for moving to Chicago more than offering us additional information?

I loved them in the first few episodes. We got to learn so much background on a character in just a few minutes. But once the backgrounds were done, they seemed to have changed focus.

We get it Shawn, you wrote a show is about Chicago; cops that live and work in Chicago. Please stop beating us over the head about why we should move, live, love, or otherwise think about Chicago all the time. If you want to continue to use the voiceovers, great! But have them give some useful info again. 

To be fair to the show and Shawn Ryan I do love the Cubs/White Sox banter that Caleb and Wysocki have. My wife is from Chicago and when she and her cousin are in the same room, it is exactly the same way as one loves the Cubs and one loves the Sox. 

This week also had one of the boldest story advancements as Vonda and Isaac took their relationship to the ultimate level and consummated the emotions they have had for each other for a while. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

Will the fall into one of the standard tropes such as now being super scared about losing the other one, or all awkward and eventually having to go their own way?

Only time will tell. However, Ryan has surprised me on all of his shows, including this one, so I suspect it is going to go a direction I am not considering. Here is hoping Vonda and Isaac can continue to work together. 

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Chicago Code? Do you think Vonda and Isaac made a mistake? Sound off below. 

Wild Onions Review

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The Chicago Code Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Wysocki: You should write "checks" you can't cash
Caleb: I know, help me cash me this one!

Wysocki: I handpicked these three cop'ers myself; you can't make a bad decision. Besides I can't keep showing up here at the crack of dawn, people will start to talk.
Colvin: Well that's the best reason I have heard yet