The Killing Review: Secrets, Lies and Disguises

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Although the format of The Killing will make it difficult to keep the ideas fresh and the plot developments realistic, the show still retains its authentic feel without becoming tiresome and boring.

"El Diablo" continued to showcase the unique qualities of this riveting crime drama.

The Killing has been compared to Twin Peaks, but it seems to have more of the qualities of gritty cable drama. The show focuses on the more unsavory elements of the city, like its schools, politics, and even its families.

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This type of realism works for the subject matter far more than eerie connections or supernatural elements, and I hope the show will continue with this focus.

The disturbing scene in the Cage may have left Linden rattled for a second, but she expertly shakes off the shock and finds the peephole that leads to their first real witness.

What's most interesting about this character is that despite her experience and apparent jaded personality, we can still see her genuine sorrow over the state of things.

Linden is trying to find a better life for her son and we can see how strongly she feels that she is making the best possible choice for his future. Even still, her devotion to her job indicates that she cannot divorce herself from the dreariness of her job. What does she really value more: a new chance for her son or justice for the Larsens? Mireille Enos does an amazing job capturing the nuances and contradictions of this character in a believable way.

It was also good to get a little clarification on some of Holder's activities last week. As he questions another teenage girl with the help of pot, he reveals to Linden (and to us) that he is actually using something called NarcScent, which gives the illusion that he's smoking weed and let's him blend in with drug users and dealers. Very clever of him and the writers to reveal this before I disregarded him.

Again, I couldn't find myself too intrigued by Councilmen Richmond's subplot. I feel as bad as Linden that his integrity left him vulnerable to attacks by his opponents, but he seems a little too earnest. It really feels like he's hiding something, especially because he was very quick to dismiss Jamie and to make a shady deal with Councilwoman Yitanes. I thought he was against the kind of corruption that the current mayor represents.

Maybe he just believes the ends justify the means? Or that everyone is playing both sides? Regardless, it's needlessly complicated and slightly dull.

The most compellling part of the show is also the hardest to watch. I'm extremely worried for Mitch's welfare, especially after seeing her try to experience the sensation of drowning in her bathtub.

But the most painful moments were the most realistic ones: Mitch hearing her daughter's voice on the answering machine or their son setting an extra place at the dinner table. These are the lingering threads of a life suddenly ripped away. Like a phantom limb, it's impossible not to feel the presence of the recently departed.

This was a good followup to last week's episode, but it raised a lot of difficult questions about Rosie. Was she involved in drugs?

The basement of the school was littered with drug paraphernalia and it's still unclear if Rosie took drugs (either by choice or by force). It's clear that she had consensual relationship with Jasper at one point, but was the sex in that video consensual?

At the very least, it seems like Rosie trusted Jasper, but what about Kris? The video was obviously uncomfortable to watch and it will be hard to see Linden reveal this piece of evidence to the family. 

What did you think of this episode of The Killing?

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The Killing Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Everybody's playing both sides no Darren. It's the name of the game.

Jamie Wright

Linden: Let go of the idea that you have some B.S. detector.
Holder: How do you I don't have one of those?
Linden: Cause you dress like Justin Bieber and eat pork rinds for dinner.