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The last time we saw Michael Scott, back in March, he was content in leaving Scranton and his long time job at Dunder Mifflin to go pursue his happily ever after with Holly.

Tonight, reality set in.

In "Training Day" Michael was as bitter as ever watching his new replacement receive the adoration of all Michael's employees, and changing many a way things get done around the office.  

I wouldn't have expected anything less. He wouldn't be Michael Scott if he didn't throw a tantrum on his way out the door.

Deangelo Vickers in The Office

But like the newly matured Michael Scott we have watched over Steve Carrell's last run on the series, he once again came to terms with the situation by the end of the episode, and reconciled with the new man in charge, Deangelo Vickers.

Superstar funny man Will Ferrell definitely lived up to the hype in his first episode of what is supposed to be a three or four episode stint as guest star.

By no means did he live up to his best role in an office - that title being reserved for the part of Mr. Tarkanian, manager at the "fourth best in-flight magazine in the business" back in his SNL days - but he certainly gelled with the rest of the cast well enough.

His immediate bromance with Michael was great, as they bonded over the unsung middles, Colorado the Sunshine State, and dead skiers, but his interactions with the rest of players may have been even better.

That's what is so great about bringing in a new star like this.

There are so many opportunities for new dynamics in the office.  It was great seeing him crush on Kelly after her "cute-meet," think Andy was the office funny man, and especially hate on Jim, Pam and their stupid baby. Their excitement in the early going made Deangelo's quote about the baby starring in "a show called Babies I Don't Care About" that much funnier.

There were other parts of "Training Day" that may have hit or miss, but it was definitely a great start to Will Ferrell's guest turn on The Office.

Other Thoughts ...

  • I am still holding out hope that this "three or four episode stint" is just a ruse to keep us in the dark about Carrell's replacement. To tease us with Will Ferrell and then have it be somebody lame in the end would be the absolute worst.
  • Maybe Ferrell doesn't want the gig, but why couldn't he do it?  Carrell has made big movies while starring in The Office, why couldn't Ferrell do the same?
  • The initial meeting between Michael and Deangelo was hilarious until the played out phone call between two guys in the same room.  It felt like I was watching something out of an early 90s sitcom.
  • It was hard to not think of Buddy the Elf when Deangelo walked into Dunder Mifflin wearing that camel hair top coat.  "I know, I'm in work clothes!"
  • Deangelo's love of the Southwest made for some good Daryl bits.  The final gag of walking in with the cowboy hat and boots was pretty fantastic.

Don't forget to check out all of best quotes from tonight's episode in The Office Quotes section. What did you guys think of this week's The Office? And are you glad to see Will Ferrell in Scranton?

Training Day Review

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