TV Fanatic Exclusive: Nikita Star Lyndsy Fonseca on the Evolution and Future of Alex

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Every week on Nikita, we watch Lyndsy Fonseca portray Nikita’s Division mole, Alex. Lyndsy was kind enough to speak to TV Fanatic about all things Alex and Nikita. Every question that has lingered up to this date will be answered.

While you might think she’s a tough girl based on her acting, she’s actually incredibly sweet! In this interview, the 24-year-old talks to me about her character, the fate of Alex’s relationships, Jaden, Percy, and so much more!

Talk to me about Alex today vs. Alex at the beginning of the season.

Oh my gosh. She’s had quite a journey. I think the biggest difference is that in the beginning of the season I don’t think she had a reason to live. She didn’t care what happened to her. Now she’s grown up and found things to fight for, and she has a passionate decision to make now. It’s crazy what she’s been through in one year. [laughs]

On the Lonely Road

Talk to me about filming the withdrawal scenes.

It’s so fun. I enjoy those days because between scenes I don’t have to worry if my lipstick is perfect or anything like that. It doesn’t matter, I can just be crappy looking. [laughs] It’s fun. We use Egyptian Magic, it’s almost like a Vaseline because the water dries to quickly. So they slather me down. I enjoy those days more than glamorous days because there’s something interesting that happens when you’re going through something emotional like that and you get to physically look the part, it always adds a new element to it.

I love playing the down and dirty scenes. I didn’t want to do this show to look good all of the time. It literally challenges me everyday. The writers are so fantastic giving me new things to experiences, like being in a dog cage and being face to face with the man who put me into sex slavery. Those two days in the dog cage all greased up with makeup falling off of my face was so fun because its just acting. There’s nothing else going on, just me creating a story and that’s the most fun to me. I also love doing action scenes.

How do you get into Alex’s mind frame for those emotional scenes?

Every actor has a very different method. I, for some reason, don’t like to bring my own personal sorrows into a scene because I feel like it takes me out of character. If I’m thinking about something that happened to Lyndsy, I’m not feeling like Alex or creating the story of Alex. What I do is just have this completely detailed bit of Alex’s past that no one even knows about, just the work I’ve done. I go to a place for Alex. We can all imagine how horrible certain things would be or feel like because of her life experience. I just have memories so full of hers that it feels like my memories, but if I think about me as Lyndsy I get taken out of it.

You were on The Young and the Restless with Thad Luckinbill. How was it to work with him again?

It’s so funny, it’s almost like a day didn’t go by. I mean its been many years since we’ve seen each other and he’s married now and has kids. He knew me when I was such a little kid, but it felt like not a day went by and we were back on set together again.

Many fans are hoping that something happens with Alex and Owen.

I know! I’ve been getting a lot of letters about that, which is so funny. That doesn’t happen in this season, but who knows about next season. I think they’d make a good team, anything is possible. I have an idea as to where season 2 is going to start, and I don’t think Owen has anything to do with me. There’s something to be said about fans that write in and say what they want because sometimes it happens.

Is there hope for Alex and Nathan’s relationship, and can we fully trust him?

[laughs] I don’t want to give anything away. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s going to be a very long relationship there. You’ll figure out his deal by the end of the season, why this happened. Last week was the writers’ way of telling the fans, we know you don’t trust him but he’s actually a nice guy. [laughs]

Will we see Alex think of Thom again?

Thom played a very important role for Alex as far as trusting people again. I think that his death catapulted her whole character development, as far as being able to kill for missions and really taking responsibility for who she is. I don’t think they’ll revisit him, other than that, but he did play a very important role.

Last week, we saw your character save Jaden’s life. Do you think Jaden would have saved Alex's?

No, I don’t. I’m always walking a fine line with Alex because I think she has an easy tendency or possibility of playing on the bad side, just because of where she comes from and how much anger is still inside of her. I think she’s constantly being tested as far as who she is and the decision she’s going to make. I feel like that was one of those things that was thrown in her face, like ‘you can be just like Division and the people you work for and be an evil person and let someone die for your sake or you can do something that’s greater than you’. So I don’t know, I think she’s always being faced with those kinds of challenges.

Alex and Nikita Scene

Will we see Michael and Nikita take on a parental role for Alex?

I think they’ve always been a parental figure in her life. They weren’t together but Nikita has always been a mother figure, even though obviously she’s too young to be my mom. Even with Michael from the beginning of the season when fans thought we were going to be together, they were feeling that connection like Shane and I have, like family. I think that the end of this season really shifts into a completely new direction that I’m really excited about. I don’t really know what their relationship will continue to be like by the end of the season.

You and Shane do have great chemistry.

I know it’s so funny because in real life he’s like my brother. We don’t have any sexual tension, we’re just like family. On camera, I’m assuming people see that we care about each other. I feel like friendships translate stronger on camera than a couple that’s actually involved. I just feel comfortable around him. From the first day I met him, we felt like family. It’s strange because you don’t grow up with these people, you’re just thrown into this circus to be together 24/7. The reason everything works, is because every single one of us on the show is a very hard worker, so you’ll never find someone not caring about the project or slacking. There’s a mutual respect.

Just how afraid should we be of Jaden?

All I’ll say about that is I think you’ll be extremely shocked by tonight’s episode. I don’t think people will see what’s coming.

Will the finale be a cliffhanger or will there be resolutions?

I don’t think there’s a cliffhanger, just so many things shift, that by the end you’re like ‘woah’. There’s so many characters that people think they know all about and then you’re surprised by certain things they say. You’ll be surprised by Amanda’s character, and you’ll really be surprised by Percy. Things that come out of their mouths are going to be crazy. So many things shift and change, I’m so curious to see what people think.

How do you stay in such awesome shape?

I do a lot of pilates, and the show keeps us in shape. We all do our own stunts for the most part. It’s kind of a workout when you go to set. I used to be a dancer so I enjoy pilates and yoga.

Do you speak fluent Portuguese?

No, I don’t speak Portuguese at all. [laughs] I can maybe understand when my grandmother speaks it, she’s from Portugal. My father never taught me on my Portuguese side. I’m learning French, though! I learned some Russian for the show, but its very hard. I’ll spend a whole day saying one word over and over again.

What TV shows do you watch?

I’m completely obsessed with Glee. It makes me happy. I’m that nerdy middle school kid that I was, I’d sing in the shower. I love Modern Family too. I think my favorite show is Breaking Bad.

Would you ever guest star on Glee?

Yeah; if the opportunity ever came up, absolutely. I don’t really sing, though. [laughs] I don’t even need to be on the show, I just love watching it. I’m not gay, but I think its very important to have television right now for kids to watch and see. They may not have parents to tell them to be strong and be themselves. Some of the advice that comes out of that show, I think about all of the kids growing up who aren’t happy, and just to have that advice coming out of the television, there’s so much crap on TV, it’s nice to see those messages come out.

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