American Idol Finale Review: Lauren or Scotty?

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The drama on American Idol got underway before the finale even aired last night, as Lauren Alaina almost had to drop out due to a sprained voice.

But the 16-year old powered through, telling viewers she was "fine" - and then proving that to be a massive understatement during a three-song set that may have earned her the season 10 crown.

Lauren saved her most impressive performance for last, introducing the audience to "Like My Mother Does," an emotional single that will be Alaina's first release if she wins. She sang the concluding notes to a special guest in the crowd:

Jennifer Lopez couldn't hide her feelings after this rendition. She labeled the track a "perfect" choice for Lauren and came right out and said it may have won her the title.

As for Scotty McCreery?

Not a bad evening by any means, but this aspiring country star lacked a signature performance.

He opened with "Gone," and the ballad left the panelists speechless. But voters will be less likely to reward a solid version of a song they already heard this season from an artist.

McCreery then broke out the acoustic guitar for George Strait's selection, "Check Yes or No" and followed it with "I Love You This Big," selling it well, but only earning faint praise from Randy.

"I'm not sure it was the perfect song for you, but the range was great," the Dawg said. "Dude, you know what? I'm proud of you, because you've grown during this contest, and that was a brilliant vocal."

Not exactly the words you want the world to hear before it takes to the phone lines, are they?

But it still wouldn't surprise me one bit if Scotty pulls this off. He was easily the most consistent performer all season long. For the final time before tonight's results show, we ask: WHO WILL WIN?

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