Army Wives Review: "Supporting Arms"

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So many of our characters are in turmoil this week on Army Wives. They are struggling alone, some with and some without their partners at their sides.

I knew, as soon as Denise turned away from the stove after crying over spilling some water that she would burn Frank's sandwich. I love how much their relationship has grown, and how they truly support each other.

I can remember a time when I thought there was little chance their marriage could be saved. I am so glad I as wrong.

When Denise's friend expressed anger at losing her husband in a meaningless war during their support group, Frank hit the wall. Not literally, but at the idea that anyone would diminish what his fellow servicemen do for their country pushed him right out of the room.

I love that Army Wives is not afraid to show both sides of the story.

Watching Army Wives its easy to forget not only do our service men and women provide an incredibly honorable and needed service, but there is a completely different side of America that questions why we need the armed forces and whether our sacrifices are worthy of the issues at hand.

The state of their marriage was highlighted in "Supporting Arms" as Trevor lacked any desire to share with Roxy the news of his promotion to Staff Sergeant. With her building the truck stop with Whit and Trevor holding out on her, things are going to get worse before they get better.

It hurt to see Claudia Joy soldiering on both at work and in the face of her recent diagnosis without the support of any of her friends. It's too bad she and Pamela are not closer, as Pamela is in such a good place she would provide a strong shoulder on which Claudia Joy could lean. Instead, she welcomed the support of Grant Chandler instead of bothering anyone else.

It was really awkward when Michael and Chandler were butting heads over the phone, especially when Michael was completely in the dark at what Chandler was doing for Claudia Joy. There has been no love lost between the two men, for sure, but what an odd position for Chandler to be in, keeping a secret of such magnitude from Claudia Joy's husband. Obviously, both Claudia Joy and Chandler paid a price for sharing that secret that neither of them expected.

After all the thought Joan and Roland put into having another child, they learned a pregnancy could kill Joan. It seems every time they try to make a decision in this regard, there is yet another tree downed in their path. This remained true as they discovered the difficulty the families of enlisted men and women face when they want to adopt.

What this episode really provided for us was a series of secrets and revelations that will need to be shared next week. The 23rd Division is coming home and that will open a whole new can of worms that we have yet to encounter on this season of Army Wives.

I think that's when things will truly get interesting.

Supporting Arms Review

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