Breakout Kings Review: Hot, Bothered, & Reckless

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Conjugal visits were the hot topic of conversation as "One For the Money" put the team on the trail of a handsome jewel thief.

Andre Brennan inspired a lot of speculation about why he was such a successful ladies man. Was it his looks, his money, his confidence, or as Erica pondered, his physical endowment? The conversation had all three of our cons focusing on their isolation form the opposite sex. 

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Shea went so far as to ask Charlie for some alone time with his girlfriend. Charlie was having none of it. Shea was promised time off his sentence and nothing else. But Shea wasn't taking no for an answer and he got creative. 

When Julianne caught him coming out of the elevator with his fly down, she knew exactly what happened but she kept her mouth shut. Then in a show of new found courage, Julianne confronted Shea. 

She won't turn him in but she won't risk herself either. Turns out after getting booted from the academy, Julianne didn't leave the house for three years. That is until Ray came along and offered her this job. She won't risk what she's gained to cover for Shea.

Did Ray even realize that Erica was propositioning him? Was he too wrapped up in the chase to even notice or does Erica being a con take her completely off his radar? I just don't get the appeal there, well except for the fact that she's been in prison for a long time.

The talk of conjugal visits affected Lloyd as well. He couldn't seem to put down Kate's negligee. The sniffing was a bit much though. Later he practically made love to those cigars he was examining. Of course Charlie was quick to slap his hand when he attempted to steal one.

At least Lloyd only tried to steal a cigar. Shea actually stole a diamond. And I thought the elevator stint was reckless. One visit with his girlfriend and suddenly he loses sight of the bigger picture. 

I can't imagine that foolish act won't come back to bite him. It's just a matter of time. Charlie and Ray are not the forgiving types. Will this mean our Breakout Kings will be broken up? I hope not but I suppose anything is possible. We'll just have to wait and see.

One For the Money Review

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