Breakout Kings Season Finale Review: "Where In The World Is Carmen Vega"

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Carmen Vega is a bad ass and a formidable villain for our Breakout Kings team, which made "Where In The World Is Carmen Vega" a great way to close out the season.

Vega started off as the grieving mother, but we quickly learned that not only did she use her son's funeral to escape, she's the one who ordered the hit. That won't exactly win her mother of the year, but does make her worthy of running a Columbian drug cartel.

Where In The World Is Carmen Vega Scene

Shea waited an awfully long time before he told Charlie and Ray that Vega had his girlfriend Vanessa. He seemed to figure out early on that his contacts weren't going to be able to help him. If capturing Carmen was his end game, why not enlist Charlie and Ray's help? 

Instead, he confided in his fellow cons and the fear just ran rampant. Erica was scared for her daughter's safety and considered running, while poor Lloyd was terrified of the thought of being bounced back to maximum security.

The death of Carmen's mole felt a little contrived. It would have had more impact if it was a character we'd already met before this episode. His words to Charlie were disconcerting. "It's easy to justify Charlie because it happens slow.  Bit by bit." Could this be foreshadowing for next season?

There wasn't as much humor or one-liners in this episode as we've seen in others, but I loved when they called out The Mayor for dropping the name Jose Rodriguez. "You throw a rock in Queens you're going to hit a Jose Rodriguez," Charlie quipped. He wasn't kidding. I wondered if the 102,093 Jose Rodriguezes that Julianne found in the city was an accurate number? It wouldn't surprise me a bit.

It was nice to see the cons confiding in one another a little more, even if it was based in fear. I could really feel Erica's terror over her daughter being in danger and how trapped Lloyd must have felt being caught in the middle. However, my favorite was Julianne. For a character with such perceived weakness, she certainly found her inner strength when it counted.

The end scene with the team bonding over beers was perfect.  Nerves were frayed but this team held it together, though just barely. 

I've really enjoyed this season of Breakout Kings. It's given us well-drawn characters, witty dialogue, and plenty of action. I have my fingers crossed for a season two.

Where In The World Is Carmen Vega Review

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