Gossip Girl Season 4: What Went Wrong?

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The good news: Gossip Girl is coming back for a fifth season this fall.

The bad news: Gossip Girl's fourth season left much to be desired.

We've loved the show from the start and still do, but it's not a stretch to say the past season was uneven at best, lacking some of the continuity, humor and drama of the past.

It's hard to put one's finger on in a sense, since many episodes were enjoyable. But there was a certain OMG-can-you-believe-this-happened factor that just wasn't there.

Last Ditch Effort

Maybe you thought season four was perfect and any criticism is way off base. If so, that's your opinion and we're happy you're thrilled with how things turned out.

Many people won't agree that's the case, though. With guest characters that bored us and story arcs that often failed to captivate audiences, plus romances that seemed either ill-conceived or dropped too quickly, the show lost its way at times.

How would you fix it? Does it even need fixing? What does season five need that season four lacked? Did Monday's Gossip Girl season finale salvage this lackluster spring and make you more excited for the fall than you were a week ago?

Share your comments with us below. All views are welcomed!

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