Modern Family Review: Proud Lions, Coyotes and Moms, Oh My!

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Another week of Modern Family firing on all cylinders.

I guess I always considered Cam to be Lily's "honorary mother" too. Of the two he does have the more effeminate ways. Of course, that's like saying Mary Kate is the skinnier Olsen twin. Even so, I really laughed at Cam's wrist-flailing reaction to hitting an old man with a football.

Jay and Phil Cook

Cam rushing to comfort Jay when he broke down at dinner sort of said it all. I especially cracked up at Mitchell continuing to eat while everyone else tended to Jay.

The pairing of Jay and Phil had some prime moments as well. Phil's attempt to hug the "Proud Lion" had me chuckling, as did Jay's trying to hand Phil the cheese and Phil mistaking that as a hand-holding gesture.

Much like Phil, I got a bit distracted, though, and found myself Googling onion goggles. What a simple solution to an age old problem.

What's really funny about Claire's admission that sometimes she wants to hit her kids is that we share this feeling in common. I definitely felt like slapping Haley and Alex around a little bit this week, that is until they formed a pact to stand their ground against Claire and applied pressure to Luke to keep him from caving ("We're your mother now!").

I feel their pain a little though. Ah, the good old mother guilt trips. We've all experienced them.

Luke was exceptionally on a roll this week with his knowledge of the dangers of hiking. From his assertion that the coyote is the fastest animal to his belief that his lemon-lime scented popsicle spear would ward off any coyotes because it's their least favorite smell, it's getting more obvious which parent Luke favors.

I take exception to Gloria's admission that Manny sometimes gets on her nerves, though. How dare she speak ill of our little Old Manny! The look on her face from relief to mortification at realizing Manny heard what she said was priceless, but I have to agree with Claire…their relationship does seem just a tad unhealthy.

Overall "Mother's Day" was another solid episode. What did you all think? Take a look at some of the night's best Modern Family quotes and discuss!

Mother's Day Review

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

It happens to be mother's day. Not martyr's day.


Luke: I say we eat what we kill.
Manny: Then I guess we'll be eating the mood.