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Hola, mi nombre es Enrico and I was never Treasurer of my High School Spanish Club and I was certainly never valedictorian of my middle school.  But it doesn't matter, because I still found my way in the prestigious line of Modern Family reviewers, and I'm here to cover "See You Next Fall."

Phil, Claire and a Pug

This is certainly a tough show to review given how reliably funny and smart the show is each week, but I'm going to try anyway.  First, I'll cover what I considered each of the four separate stories that tied so closely together this week:

Alex and Haley. These lovable sisters are usually given a major role in the Dunphy story lines, but rarely do these two get to headline the main story. I'm usually not a huge fan of the kid-focuses story lines (save for the obvious exception of adult-in-a-child's body Manny).

It's not that the kids are bad actors, except for maybe Nolan Gould as Luke, but even his bad acting only plays into his character's strength.  It's just that they face such ridiculous competition from their adult co-stars that I rarely want to sit through their high school problems when I could see Phil bumbling around like an idiot.

But this week, I feel like Alex and Haley actually did a phenomenal job holding their own.  No, all the cheesy jokes at Haley's stupidity may not have had me laughing out loud, but Alex's use of Haley's "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Get this party started" song references in one line certainly did.

Not only did the girls had me laughing, there was ridiculous heart factor as Alex and Haley did some much needed bonding.  Plus, I felt as choked up as Phil and Claire when Haley was hungry.  Well, maybe not, but on to my two favorite Dunphy's that just wanted their daughter back:

Phil and Claire. They're easily my favorite comedic duo of any episode and this week was no exception.  As you can see in my Modern Family quotes from this week, Phil dominated no matter how much I tried to give credit to others.  It's just every time the man spoke Spanish or complimented Jay's butt, he was killing me.

But really, seeing the two of them relish over the moments when little Haley in pajamas was so excited to see her father come home had me choked up.  What this show does better than anything else on television, is just step back and point out moments in all our lives.  Sorry, before I get too sappy, it really was just wonderful watching these two rush to make their daughter's speech.

Cameron and Mitchell.  Usually, given more intelligent joke, Cameron and Mitchell were brought in for the physical comedy as they tagged along with the rest of the family.  Normally I hate the physical comedy (unless it's Chris Farley in Tommy Boy), but the fact this is Modern Family, they at least took it to the next level and made a meta joke about the physical comedy at the graduation ceremony.  But still, my favorite gay duo on television were way under-utilized.

Jay and Gloria.  Oh beautiful Sofia Vergara.  You are often too gorgeous for me to even appreciate you as a comedic actress, but you really were fantastic this week.  Don't worry, your hilarious sarcasm still comes through that ridiculous accent.  Jay's botox and Gloria's champagne problems were as reliably funny as ever.  Oh and bonus points for continuity?  Showing the pug from last week's episode.  It made up for the lack of Lily.

In the end, the episode really came together for just being about a short drive to a high school graduation.  Really, only Modern Family could take a plot device as silly as a gate not opening and turn it into thirty minutes of comedic gold.  

So muchachos, what did you all think?  Not of my review, but of the episode?  Leave that criticism for Matt when he returns for next week's season finale.  And remember guys, don't stop believin'.

See You Next Fall Review

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