The Good Wife Round Table: "In Sickness"

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She kicked him out!?!

Some very dramatic events occurred in the most recent episode of The Good Wife. Our critic Jeffrey Kirkpatrick is joined by fellow Fanatics Carissa Pavlica and Christine Orlando to discuss some of the bigger moments of "In Sickness" and implications for the future in our latest edition of the Round Table.

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In which scene did Julianna Margulies shine the most?

Carissa: I liked the scene when she broke down and cried after getting the apartment all set up. I really felt her pain.

Christine: I liked the scene with Jackie.  Alicia was completely in control.  Rage was coming off of her in waves yet she never had to say one angry word.

Jeffrey: Very tough call here. I thought just as she was about to tell Peter they were standing in his apartment was notable because you could see her fear and anxiety for a split second as she mustered the courage to tell him. Then, of course, the moment with her children. Nothing means more to Alicia than her kids and to hear Grace say "You need to protect us more" was obviously a knife in the gut that she could not bear. Very difficult moment that nearly brought me to tears as well.

Is Peter sorry for deceiving Alicia yet again or for getting caught?

Carissa: For getting caught. Deceit is a rational choice. He made it, he must suffer the consequences. If he was sorry, then he would have come clean when she asked him if he had any more secrets.

Christine: Peter's sorry he got caught.  He's sorry he has to pay the consequences and now he's pissed because he can't manipulate Alicia into forgiving him. 

Jeffrey: I'm starting to realize that Peter isn't sorry for anything he does. He claims to love Alicia, but I saw not one ounce of remorse in his eyes. He can say all day long "I'm willing to accept the blame for what I've done" but that's just another way of saying "Sorry if I upset you, but what I did really isn't that bad." He cheated on her...and lied about it. Repeatedly! And he expects her to just say "Oh, ok...well if you accept the blame"!?! Peter is a politician plain and simple. He angles for loopholes as a living. I'm just happy that Alicia finally tied a knot in the loop once and for all.

Was Cary presumptuous in expecting a third year associate designation to return to Lockhart Gardner?

Carissa: Yes. He continues to blame Lockhart Gardner and Alicia for not making the cut the first year. But they made a business decision and if you look at all that's happened after, it was the right one. If he wants a job, he should accept what they are offering. He uses past decisions for future gain, and it's just not the best way to go about things.

Christine: Yes, a bit.  Cary was expecting to walk back in and get everything he wanted.  Things rarely work that way.

Jeffrey: Absolutely. He knew the game when he was employed at LG; it was a gamble and he lost. It doesn't matter that LG chose to go with Alicia because of her political connections. Like Carissa said, it was a business decision. He lost, fair and square.  What irks me more is that he gets Kalinda to put in a good word and then, when he doesn't get his way, he turns his nose up at it. Like I said in my review, I think his ego is over-inflated. LG owes him nothing. There are dozens of equally qualified candidates who would jump at the chance to work in this economy. It's generous of them to make him an offer at all.  As for his rivalry with Alicia, this isn't high school, Cary. Grow up.

Why do you think Peter perked up when he realized Cary had a connection to Lockhart Gardner and to Alicia?

Carissa: Because Peter now needs anything to remain close to Alicia, and Cary can help in more ways than one.

Christine: I think the gloves are going to come off.  Peter's going to go on the offensive both personally and professionally.  Cary gives him an in to Alicia's world, professionally and personally.

Jeffrey: Since he believes Will is the "third person" in their marriage, definitely think he sees an opportunity to both spy on and make things difficult for both Alicia and Will professionally. Cary has conniving instincts that will serve Peter well in this regard. I dread it, because I don't want to see Cary as Peter's puppet.

How would you have responded to Jackie had you been in Alicia's shoes?

Carissa: I would have told her to frak off. I'm not one to mince words.

Christine: Not nearly as well as Alicia.  I probably would have said something about Peter bedding a friend and that being the last straw but I doubt it would have made a difference to Jackie.  Her son can do no wrong.  But I loved it when Alicia thanked her for all of her help with the kids and then dismissed her as the kids no longer need a babysitter.  Beautiful.

Jeffrey: Probably knocked that beehive off her head. Seriously, Alicia has even more of my respect for not having cold-cocked the withered shrew.

Is it really the end for Alicia and Peter's marriage?

Carissa: If we get a renewal, I think it will be over for at least the next season. For the distant future, there is no way to know. People do a lot of things they don't imagine after some time to ponder.

Christine: Absolutely.  I think divorce is painful for Alicia to even think about but I believe the marriage was over with this episode, especially once Peter tried to turn it around on her.  It didn't take much for him to play dirty.  Peter's not begging for forgiveness anymore and his true colors will shine through. He won't make this breakup easy and it won't be pretty but it should be a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

Jeffrey: Given the title of the show, I'm inclined to say no. Otherwise they'd have to retitle it The Good Ex-Wife. But one can only hope.

Jeffrey Kirkpatrick is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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