The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "Young at Heart"

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This week's Secret Life was sort of a snoozer. In "Young at Heart" the Amy/Ricky/Adrian/Ben competition is still trucking along. Adrian seems to think that the key to winning this ridiculous competition is by bragging about her "walk on water" wild sex with Ben.

First of all, yeah right. Not to discredit Ben, but the boy has had sex once. Despite the fact that the quiet ones can surprise you, the inexperienced ones likely will not. Adrian is probably just experiencing the raging hormones of her pregnancy. Whatever the reason, Ben and Adrian are now humping like bunnies and they feel the need to broadcast it.

Ricky's Smile

Please have a tiny bit of class! Is Adrian still trying to get revenge on Amy? Hasn't she ever heard that happiness is the best revenge?

And I'm not talking about the "I'm so happy I need to shout it from the rooftops" but rather that internal content state that makes you forget what you were trying to get revenge about in the first place.

Then again, we're only human so I won't be too hard on Adrian.

As much as Amy tries not to take the bait, it's hard when Adrian is rubbing everything in her face. Grace presents another reason to keep Amy involved in all of this drama and that's Adrian's baby shower.

Since Grace and Adrian threw Amy her shower, Grace thinks it's fair if she and Amy throw Adrian her shower. Other than that Amy has been keeping a pretty cool head.

Ricky is so frustrated about Amy not wanting to have sex yet, it drives him to playing golf late at night. Apparently that's the hotspot for all the guys in town who aren't getting laid including Jack and Tom.

I'm actually really proud of Amy's and her transformation into a stronger girl. She does not want to be that girl who gives into everything her boyfriend wants just to keep him with her. She knows she has to take care of herself and John first, as much as she loves Ricky.

Something tells me that the bond she has with Ricky will only continue to grow stronger and when they do eventually have sex, she won't feel the need to rub it in Adrian's face. Not gonna lie, next week's promo looks GREAT and I can't wait to see all of this tension boil over!

Let's hope we get another Madison and Lauren free week, because despite the fact that this week's episode was kind of boring, at least it wasn't downright annoying.

Even the latest Soprano cameo- Uncle Junior- didn't throw me for too much of a loop. His character as Grant's father was actually really sweet and I enjoyed his scene. I still don't understand this whole Sopranos/Secret Life cast crossover, but hey, whatever works!!

Young at Heart Review

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