Fringe Season 4 Scoop: Who is Returning?

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They won't reveal very much about season four - which premieres on September 23 - but Fringe producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel H. Wyman have given fans something interesting to ponder all summer at least.

"We have some things we're very excited about," Pinkner said in a recent interview. "We're bringing back some characters who were among our favorites."

It's already been confirmed that Seth Gabel is on board as a new series regular. But might the producers be referring to others, as well?

Fringe Cast of Characters

They won't say, but they did offer an invitation to new viewers.

"We tried to make this [fourth] season like a new pilot. We did that a little bit last season, too, but it will just be an entry point for people to come in who haven't seen everything."

And for those loyal viewers? The one perplexed over the season three finale? Said Pinkner:

"I truly believe they're going to love [the resolution from the season finale], and they'll understand it. We have smart fans. They won't be disappointed."

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