In Plain Sight Review: Everybody's Got a Secret

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"Kumar vs. Kumar" featured Mary holding a secret that simply couldn't be kept. At four and a half months pregnant, she still hadn't told anyone but Marshall about the baby.

Of course, just because Mary chose to stick her head in the sand didn't mean her colleagues were blind to her obvious "growth spurt." As Delia politely put it: "She's been busting buttons for weeks now."

Whoa, Easy Now!

Clearly, some things could not remain hidden forever. Because all of this dancing around Mary's expanding mid-section had gotten fairly ridiculous, Stan was forced to confront the issue. 

"Mary, I've let this slide long enough waiting for the exact right moment to bring up the elephant in the room. Hmm. I did not just say that." Ooh. Talk about a poor choice of words to use on a pregnant woman. 

I loved how Mary summed it up for him. It was more direct than sarcastic, but still very Mary and it won my favorite line of the night:
Stan: Mary, Congratulations...
Mary: I had sex. It worked. So. | permalink

Yeah, that can happen if you're not careful.

Peter was darn cute playing junior G-man and trying to determine why Mary was avoiding Brandi. It only took one look for him to figure it out. Smart man that he is, he gave Mary two days to 'fess up. Any more time and he knew he'd be labeled a co-conspirator in the baby coverup. 

By the way, that sticky bun looked really good.

As for the witness of the week, I liked the Kumar family but felt the wrap-up came too quickly. One moment the father was an arrogant ass and the next he was groveling for a second chance and hugging his kid for winning third place. That conclusion felt rushed to me.

I did appreciate that they had the family come from Edison, New Jersey. Edison has quite a large Indian population and I was grateful for that added bit of realism.

When Marshall took Vik under his wing, there was an obvious correlation to how he might react to Mary's child. But other than that, I felt Marshall's role was a bit light in this episode. Perhaps it was taken over by Stan's backstory, which I didn't feel added very much.

The snarkiness factor felt a little light this week,too. On a scale of one to 10, it only gets a five.

Everybody's got secrets, but they always come out eventually, huh? I'm looking forward to the next installment (July 10) when we will hopefully see Jinx and Brandi's reactions to the big news. I can't imagine it will be anything less than entertaining.

Kumar vs. Kumar Review

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