Rookie Blue Exclusive: Ben Bass Previews Season 2

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Before Ben Bass gets into a preview of what's to come on Rookie Blue, which kicks off its second season tonight, congratulations are in order:

The actor called me yesterday from England, where he's about to get married. (Sorry, ladies.)

But just because Bass is taken off screen doesn't mean fans won't be riveted by the developments between his character, Sam, and Andy on screen.

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Is there really hope for these two?

"The audience doesn't get what they're expecting," he teased about what's on tap for the pair of cops. "But they will be will happy with what they get. How's that for being seductively cryptic?"

It's perfect, really. Who wants to know exactly what will happen before it happens?

Bass added that the introduction of Jo Rosati (Camille Sullivan) will further complicate things for Sam... and Andy... and Luke. This detective is the latter's ex.

"She and Luke have a past," Bass said. "She comes in to help with a crime, but she sticks around... for reasons of her own. It all gets quite complicated, but I won't say for whom."

There he goes again, being seductively cryptic again. But the actor did reveal that Sam will develop "strong negative feelings toward" Rosati.

Heading into its second season - the only network series from last summer to be renewed, a fact Bass attributes to "timing and effort" - Rookie Blue will continue to be a procedural show with relationship stories. This star prepared for new episodes by going on a number of ride-alongs and learning that not everyone in law enforcement is straight-laced.

"You get all kinds of people going into that field," he said. "It's really helpful from an acting perspective... [Research] is food for what we do. It gives you a perspective on everything: what these people like about their jobs, what they don't like, how they are."

And it sounds like Bass will benefit from the preparation. He says "everything builds to the final episode" over the next couple months and, for Sam especially, "things get insanely dangerous."

Rookie Blue premieres tonight on ABC. TV Fanatic will cover every episode of the drama in-depth.

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