True Blood Round Table: "She's Not There"

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True Blood threw as much as it possibly could at viewers on the season four premiere.

From Tara's sexuality to Eric's new vocation, the TV Fanatic staff tackles a number of topics in this edition of the True Blood Round Table. Join Matt Richenthal, Eric Hochberger, Carissa Pavlica and Jim Garner below and sound off on the following questions...


What was your favorite scene in the premiere?
Matt: Call me a Harry Potter nerd, or just a fan of truly great acting, but I loved when Marnie brought the parrot back to life. We all saw it coming, but Fiona Shaw absolutely sold it. This year, they might spell "Emmy" W-I-C-C-A-N.

Eric: As the only character that consistently can make me laugh, I have to say I loved Pam's ambushing Jessica in the bathroom. Least favorite scene? That crappy Star Trek-esque phaser battle between the faeries and Sookie. Cheese!

Carissa: Sookie seeing her grandfather. The writers did a nice job reminding us that she had family, while at the same time making us question her heritage as a faerie. They may taste sweet, but that's about all the sweetness you get with them.

Jim: Jason pulling Andy off Lafayette, while quoting an actual regulation to him. How far has he come in a year without Sookie.

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Which storyline is most intriguing?
Matt: The America Vampire League and the elevation of Nan Flanagan. You can have all your shirtless Eric Northman scenes, ladies. Just give me one of these hilarious PSAs each week. Seriously, it's fun and interesting to see how the show combines complete lunacy with a real world issue such as tolerance of other kinds.

Eric: Bill as the King of Louisiana!! Holy crap. Where did that come from and where is it going?!? Plus, it's going to give the hotness that is Eric and Sookie time to blossom while Bill is finally off with his own storyline.

Carissa: Sookie being gone for a year. We will have a lot to explore due to that time jump, so I think it was a great move. Especially since it was only about 45 minutes for her. Bon Temps is full of surprises.

Jim: Jason and his situation in Hotshot. I am dying to know how he is going to get out of this one.

Tara going gay: Totally makes sense, or totally reeks of a desperate ratings ploy?
Matt: Makes no sense at all to me. I wish the show would stop trying to shock viewers and just give us realistic, relatable arcs such as Sookie and her grandfather escaping the fairy world via a quickly-closing portal.

Eric: Can we go with a little from column A and a little from column B? It didn't shock me for a second, given Tara's repeated failures with men.  And, let's face it, she has the rockin' athletic body for foxy boxing. In my narrow-minded view of the universe, one leads directly to the other. Oh, but clearly it's a ratings ploy to balance out the man-on-man action of last season  Gotta give us hornball guys something, too!

Carissa: It totally makes sense. She has always been very sexual, yes, but her eyes have wandered during storylines. I think it fits and I hope it's not just a ploy.

Jim: Amen, Carissa. Makes total sense. She was held captive and abused by an immortal male. Not surprising she went looking for a softer touch.

Do you trust Sookie's fairy godmother?
Matt: No. She appears to be closer to the Shrek 2 version of this supposed savior than the original in Cinderella.

Eric: As much as I trusted that delicious fruit. Which is a lot. I totally would have Garden of Eden-ed that fruit.

Carissa: I don't trust the faeries at all. Like Sookie said, where the Hell has she been? Didn't she know how many times she could have used a fairy godmother? Sheesh. She stinks at her job, that's for sure.

Jim: About as far as I can throw her. She is glamouring us to hide her hideousness.

Would you want Eric Northman as a landlord?
Matt: Probably not. I often walk around naked and I don't want someone showing up with a better body than mine.

Eric: Absolutely. A/C goes out? Bam, instantly there. Just get a damn lock installed. Despite his vampire loophole, I'm pretty sure there are laws in place to protect a tenant from your landlord just entering your property at any time.

Carissa: I'd want Eric Northman any way I could I could get him. Nuff said.

Jim: Well, he fixed the door right away so... sure! I'll take a guy who might eat me over someone inattentive to my needs.

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.

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