Archer Round Table Interview with Adam Reed and Judy Greer

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As one of the biggest Archer fans on the planet, you could imagine my excitement to be sit down with the man behind the show itself: Adam Reed.

There were so many topics to cover, but among those we posed to the show's creator: What is it like to voice one of the characters? Whose decision was it to make Gilette a bigger character? Is he the sole writer? Where do all those obscure references come from?

Judy Greer and Adam Reed Picture

Not only did we get these questions answered, but we were joined by television's Judy Greer. Twice.

First, she came over to our table to nap and do a little texting. Then, she joined us for an official interview, which awesomely enough became a full on conversation between Reed and Greer discussing her pitch for a pilot.

You can't make this stuff up. Watch the video and just be as entertained by these two as I was:

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