Awkward Review: Bangladeshi Boobies!

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"Boob Job" was another wonderful episode of Awkward. It feels a little weird to say that, considering this was only the second installment. Logic dictates that most shows are still finding what they want to be at this point.

But Awkward already has a good grasp on just what type of show it is and that was communicated beautifully here It’s simple, really: heart and humor. And if the premiere’s ratings were any indication, the audience agrees.

Want a Boob Job?

The goal for Jenna, according to the bucket list, was basic this week: stand out. Yet I wasn’t expecting Jenna to accomplish this task via a picture of her chest for the entire school to see. Were you?

I’m glad Jenna stood up for herself and decided to take things into her own hands (in a very high school sort of way) after Sadie took the picture. I just hope one of these days Jenna can get some truly sweet revenge on Sadie. Will that every happen? Probably not; that doesn’t seem to be the kind of person Jenna is.

What bothered me the most about all of this was the complete lack of backbone Valerie has as a school administer. Yes, it was funny watching her utterly crumble to Sadie, but with the amount of attention bullying is getting, I was hoping for a little bit of punishment for the crime. At least Jake thought she should have been punished.

But without all of that, Jenna wouldn’t need a hero, and it looks like Matty is finally ready to take that step with her. I wasn’t very happy with him last week, but I was able to accept Matty a little more here. It was sweet what he did for Jenna.

But where do things go from here for them? I hope Awkward can avoid the dreaded teenage version of will they/won’t they. At least I’ll be laughing the whole way if things do go that direction, though.

Other thoughts:
  • Tamara was once again hilariously tabloid. Would anyone else kill for a chance to have an episode from her perspective?
  • Bangladeshi boobies just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?
  • Too bad Jenna didn’t keep her glow in the dark cast. That thing was rad.

Boob Job Review

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