Burn Notice Review: "Square One"

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Never let it be said that Burn Notice is not educational.

This week we learned that the liberal use of thermite burning at 4,000 degrees will melt down a gun. We also learned that if you’re Michael Westen and you want to determine who’s trying to frame you for murder, it’s best to begin at “Square One.”

Let’s hear it for the return of Jesse, whose screen time was a season high! While he did play a much bigger role on camera, he still had two off-camera solutions from his company.

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First, the planted receipts showed the gang in Key West. The other solution came after he worked his magic with the cell phone tracing.

Maybe I'm being too hard on his off-camera fixes. After all, isn’t a lot of what Sam has done all these years using contacts (CIA, FBI, USN, etc.) to help cases along?

Besides, he was pretty quick on his feet, having Madeline watch all the tape footage.

Did any other Chicago Code fans recognize Ethan being played by Matt Lauria? I really liked how Ethan was impatient, bold, and blamed himself for someone else being hurt. He was very much a young Michael, as Madeline pointed out.

Michael and Madeline have such great interactions. Her feedback allowed Michael to look at Ethan objectively; in turn, Michael passed on some of the wisdom he learned about how to take down the Ramseys of the world.

What do you think of Agent Pearce? I really hope she and Michael stay on the same side as their banter is pretty awesome. At the same time, she felt a bit forced to me, whereas Grant Show as Max felt more natural from the start.

I know she has only one episode, but haven’t we seen the “tough as nails cop” or “I am so manly in my approach to running things” several times before? Were there really no other choices for a stereotype to cast Pearce in?

Of course, the shocker of the night was someone pretending to be Michael to buy the disposable cell phone. Someone is really going to a lot of trouble to point all the evidence to Michael, who's been lucky to remain a step ahead so far.

Speaking of a step ahead, where the hell is Raines? While I didn’t expect him to be around for every case, I would have thought having one of his agents die would have brought the man back to Miami. Maybe Raines is behind Michael’s frame up.

Honestly, I have no idea who is behind it and the suspense in my house is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Who do you think is trying to frame Michael? The Agency? An old enemy? Raines? Comment below with your thoughts!

Square One Review

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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Michael: Am I a suspect?
Pearce: Honestly, when I heard there was a burn spy was mixed up with max, my first instinct was to fit you for a head bag
Michael: I appreciate your restraint

Sam: this train is rolling brother; the only question is if you're on board
Jesse: Hell yeah, I'm on board.