Chuck Season Five Spoilers: Time Jump, Spy Company to Come!

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Chuck will enter its final season this fall. That's the bad news.

But Morgan has the Intersect and Chuck/Sarah will be building a future together. That's the exciting news.

Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff Scene

In an interview with TV Guide, co-creator Chris Fedak offers a revealing look at what's to come, namely: Morgan is excited over his new role; we'll see plenty of Ellie and Awesome; there be a time jump when the series returns; and Chuck and Sarah's future will be focused on building a spy company.

"Chuck needs to create his own successful private CIA," Fedak says. "The other part of it, too, is the relationship between Chuck and Morgan - all things evolve. Now they're working in the same company together, it's also about their friendship. All these things are challenges. I think that going out on their own is very much a part of this season. One, what happens when you don't have the Intersect? And two, what happens when you don't have the CIA and their resources?"

Chuck and TV Fanatic are both headed to Comic-Con this weekend! Return to the site often for updates from the event and for spoilers from our press room interviews with Zachary Levi and company!

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Chuck Quotes

Sarah: Wow, I didn't think people still named their kids Chuck. Or Morgan, for that matter.
Chuck: My parents were sadists, and carnival freaks found him in a dumpster.
Morgan: But they raised me as one of their own!

Chuck: Uh, you know, Sis, the thing is, Morgan and I don't really feel like we're fitting my birthday party...'cause we don't know anybody, 'cause they're all your friends, and they all happen to be doctors.
Morgan: Doctors who don't really get our jokes!
Chuck: Well, your jokes

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