Complications to Come on The Good Wife

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Alicia Florrick is a yet-to-be-divorced mother of two who just slept with her boss. How will this impact her life on season three of The Good Wife? In a convoluted manner, co-creator Robert King tells TV Line.

"Most of Alicia’s life doesn’t get easier, it gets more complicated," he said in a preview of the third season premiere.

Will They or Won't They?

As for Lisa Edelstein, yes, she will portray a woman from Will's professional past and, yes, his embezzlement secret will play a key role in what's ahead on this Emmy-nominated drama.

Two other storylines will also be featured prominently:

  1.  Christine Baranski will receive more air time. Says King: "Diane is trying to figure out what is the next step in her life, and that will force a lot of issues at the law firm.”
  2. With Eli working out of the firm, there will be a "new, [fun] version" of his relationship with Alicia. Teases King: "How is it different now that it's not Alicia more in the power seat, now that it's more equal between [them]?"

The Good Wife moves to Sundays this fall and premieres on September 25.

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