Covert Affairs Comic-Con Panel: Live Blog!

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We're live from Ballroom 20, TV Fanatics, as the full cast of Covert Affairs is about to take the stage. Come along as we live blog the experience...

11:18: Annie Walker is grilled on screen. Why is she in San Diego? Who are these "bloggers?" Are Christian Louboutin heels really comfortable? How many Captain Americas are there at Comic-Con? Piper Perabo hilariously answers these questions in a pre-panel video.

11:20: Oded Fehr is moderating.

11:21: Christopher Gorham receives the biggest ovation. And that's before he comes out shirtless in an extended series trailer.


11:29: Co-creator Matt Corman on why he made Auggie blind: He's based on a friend who was in a "life-altering accident." The friend developed "levels of complexity" as a result, never feeling sorry for himself and really becoming more of an interesting person.

11:30: The downside of playing blind? Being stuck in the office while everyone else globe trots, Gorham says.

11:33: The crowd loves Peter Gallagher. I wanna ask him if Arthur "schmears" his bagel like Sandy Cohen. Maybe later. For now, he's just excited to be here and even more excited than they used "one of my eyebrows" on the Comic-Con poster.

11:35: Is Kari Matchett tough like Joan? Nope. But the actress is glad the show is showing more of Joan's humor these days.

11:36: Anne Dudek has one request: She wants to be in a scene with Chris Gorham's abs.

11:38: Gorham on this week's Auggie-centric episode: it was intense, it was difficult, but it's always a team effort. There were 136 set-ups for the scene in which Auggie lost his sight. Is that a world record? He thinks so.

11:47: They just gave our two iPads to audience members. Neither was me.

11:48: Sorry, folks, Perabo is not fluent in all these languages. She's "extraordinary" at picking up on them, Doug Liman says, but she has a language teacher.

11:52: A fan asks if we'll ever see a Burn Notice/Covert Affairs crossover. Maybe Auggie and Gabrielle Anwar...? Gorham wonders/asks/prays for. Perabo jumps in and suggests a triple crossover with Burn Notice and White Collar.

11:54: "One of my good buddies from Heroes will come play with us," Sendhil Ramamurthy teases, offering up this scoop: Santiago Cabrera will guest star and there may be some "shenanigans" with his character and Annie.

11:56: "The trick is trying to find a way to make it believable," Gorham says of filming action sequences while blind. For instance: it was written into the script this week that Auggie could never let go of his opponent during their fight.

12:00: Corman teases "secrets from the sisters' past" to be revealed later this season.

12:04: An attendee asks why Annie doesn't carry a gun. Is it to separate herself from spies who just "bust a cap" in their opponents all the time? Perabo says that Valerie Plame advised her on the pilot and said CIA operatives don't carry firearms in America.

12:07: Another fan asks if there are any plans to "fix" Auggie? Gorham delivers the line of the day: "Are you talking about, like, castration? I hope not."

12:11: What is Jai up to? What's in his future? Ramamurthy says we'll learn a lot on the winter premiere and: "You're gonna see what Jai is made of."

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