Friday Night Lights Review: "Texas Whatever"

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Double the Riglets, double the fun? Not in Mindy's eyes! The discovery that she's having twins was just one of many difficult revelations in"Texas Whatever," the penultimate episode of Friday Night Lights

Sh*t is going DOWN in Dillon, ya'll. Consider:

Matt and Grams

Tami has an offer to be the Dean of Admissions from a private university in Philadelphia. Coach is about to go to State with a team that won't even exist next year. Arrangements and preparations are being made behind people's backs and it's not the ideal time to pit the Taylors against each other. These two have always been the pillar of strength on all that is FNL. If they're falling apart, what hope is there for everything else?

Tami is right, she's been a coach's wife for 18 years, they should be able to look outside of football for once. However, Coach is about to take the Lions to State and is facing the elimination of his football program. The merger of the Panthers and Lions brings about a lot of uneasiness. Mindy and Billy are having twins, but now Billy might be out of a job.

By the end of the episode, we know that the Lions have been cut. Vince will likely be the star quarterback of the Dillon Panthers next year and the Panthers have already approached Buddy to make coaching arrangements. The impact of the decision scene was driven home by revisiting the season one song "Devil Town." Does it get any more on point than that?

There was a lot of heat on Coach and Tami, but to me, the two standout characters this week were Buddy and Tim. Buddy has no actual position with either football team, yet he has more influence than the people who actually run stuff. The Panthers knew they had to go to Buddy to get to Eric and Eric wouldn't have even considered going back to coaching the Panthers if it weren't for Buddy. The way he was creepily sitting in Eric's car after the announcement cracked me up. Buddy is such a big piece of the heart of Dillon.

The other standout was obviously Tim Riggings. Why? It's mothereffing Tim Riggins! People think he is this trouble-making dumb jock, when really he went to jail so his nephew could have a father. He gives the best advice to everyone around - his scene with Luke, telling him how he needs to play state like he's lacing up for the last time? I mean, I would buy a book called "The Tao of Tim Riggins."

He's a simple guy with a huge heart. He's lived through a lot at a young age, he's strong, he cares about his loved ones and he's loyal. It also seems that he's grown up. After years of being a casanova, he knows who really counts in his life. I was so glad to see Tyra in this week's episode. If anyone was going to talk some since into Tim, it was her.

Also glad to see Julie back and a very late appearance by Saracen. Although Grandma's clearly not doing too well.

I can't believe next week is the last episode of Friday Night Lights. Be prepared for a long review, with several crying breaks in between!

Texas Whatever Review

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