Jenna Fischer Dishes on New Season of The Office

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The Office star Jenna Fischer steps out of her comfort zone in A Little Help, not only taking the lead role in a motion picture, but a very dramatic one at that. 

In an interview with our partner site, Movie Fanatic, Jenna discusses that role in great detail. She also chatted a little about the upcoming Office campaign.

We've posted excerpts below. Follow this link for Movie Fanatic's interview with Fischer, whose pregnancy is playing out in real life and at Dunder Mifflin:

Pam, Preggers

On the upcoming, change-filled season of The Office: "Well I’m excited about it. I think it’s great. I think there’s been some confusion and people thought he [James Spader] was taking Steve’s role, but he’s not, he’s taking Kathy Bates’ role." 

"There were some questions about how I felt about him being the new manager, but he’s not going to be the new manager. But I’m excited.  I’m going to miss Kathy because she was a hoot, but James is great too, so it’s going to be really good I think."

"Right now, the only thing I’m really kind of sad about Steve leaving is that we get our hair and makeup done next to each other and I’m so sad when I imagine I go back to work in two weeks and he’s not going to be sitting there."

"He’s not going to tell me what he did this summer and ask what I did this summer, which is what we do, like kids coming back from summer vacation. So I might have to drive to his house and ask what he did this summer, 'cause I really want to know."
"But on a creative level, I’m not allowed to say, but I know who the manager is. It’s a secret, they haven’t revealed it yet, but it’s a great choice and I think the show’s going to be neat. We’re being forced to shake things up, which is a nice thing." 

"We won’t be repeating ourselves this year, that’s for sure. It’ll be different."

On her pregnancy being written into the show: "Pam will be pregnant. If you remember, Pam and Jim had sex in the office on Valentine’s Day and turns out they conceived a child. Apparently they are very good at getting pregnant on accident."

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